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Hot Spring Fashion Tips for Women

As the temperatures begin to warm up a bit, it’s time to look at your wardrobe. Trends for spring are taking the runways by storm, and it’s easy for you to look your best while incorporating some of these hot styles into your everyday look.


Show Some Leg

Miniskirts, short shorts, and above-the-knee dresses are all the rage. This trend is the perfect way to show off your toned legs. If you are uncomfortable showing this much skin, feel free to pair your short skirt with a pair of checked or fishnet stockings.

Basic Black

Black is making a huge comeback this spring. Dress from head to toe in this flattering colour. Go for a monochromatic look for a big impact. If you really want to turn some heads, pair your black attire with a bright red lip and matching nails.


On the other end of the spectrum, soft pastels have been seen at all the major runway shows. Look for soft, romantic colours that reflect the blooming spring flowers. Think baby blue, sea foam green, light lavender, powder pink, and sunshine yellow. Mix and match different pastels for a true spring-time feel.

Office Ready

Structured outfits are also very trendy this spring. Consider paring a tailored blazer with a pair of perfectly fitted trousers. When paired with statement stiletto heels and a large, colourful handbag, this look will easily take you from the office to dinner with your mates.

High-Waisted Trousers

Those who want to cover their midsection will be happy to hear that high-waisted trousers are finally making a comeback. Be sure to pair these trousers with a tucked in frilly blouse and classic belt. They’re also perfect for women who want to create the illusion of having long legs.

Go Sheer

All body types look great in sheer clothing. This trend is perfect for women of all ages. Depending on how much skin you want to show off, pick sheer pieces that flatter your body. Sheer tops can be worn over a colourful bra.

Look for maxi skirts that have sheer panels below the knee. Sheer handbags are also trendy this season.

Animal Print

Go wild by mixing and matching different animal prints. Head to toe animal prints are the perfect welcome to spring. Create an outfit using a variety of animal prints, such as cheetah, zebra, or giraffe.

Fanny Packs

Instead of carrying a large handbag everywhere, consider wearing a fanny pack to keep your hands free. Fanny packs look highly fashionable when worn with a jumper and jeans.

Fashionable Floral

Everyone can pull off floral this season. From flowing dresses to embroidered jeans, floral designs can be seen everywhere. While nothing screams spring more than head to toe floral, you can still enjoy this trend by incorporating a floral scarf or flowery jewellery into our outfit.

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