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From kickboxing to yoga… Find a guy and stay fit

When talking about how man and women like to exercise, having in mind the differences between the sexes, it is obvious to conclude that girls like exercising in classes because they love the motivation that the group provides, while man hate it. But if you are one of those girls who wants to find and meet some handsome guy while exercising in group classes, we give you the six exercising places where you can meet guys.


1. Maybe the most common exercise class for man is the kickboxing club. That’s because they are practicing moves that only an experienced professional trainer can teach them. A lot of women decide to start kickboxing and visiting these exercising classes might be their perfect solution.

2. The second exercise classes  are the rowing classes, when man and women can work out. Man really like rowing and this is the place where you have great chances of meeting a handsome guy.

3. The newest trend of modern fitness is the CrossFit classes which include high intensity of exercising. Beside staying in good shape like these fit guys, also you have a big chance of meeting one.


4. Next on this list are the run clubs. The rule is simple, the couples who run together, they stay together.

5. On the fifth spot we place it the boot camp classes. The most positive thing about the boot camp is that these classes are for men and women equally. Perfect situation for exercising together!

6. The last but not the least are defining the yoga classes. You will be really surprised by the number of men that love to do yoga, as well as women. So start relaxing your body and soul!