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Fitness Inspiration: A Mother Transformed Her Body and Got Into Perfect Shape After Her First Pregnancy

Our new fitness inspiration is called Malin Bjork, a mother that will blow you away with her post-pregnancy transformation.

This popular mother from Sweden has 500.000 followers on Instagram, where she documents her fitness progress.A-Mother-Transformed-Her-Body-and-Got-Into-Perfect-Shape-After-Her-First-Pregnancy-1

While Malin was pregnant with her first child, she gained more than 40 pounds. A few days after giving birth, she started her transformation by taking long walks with her newborn. After 2 months of walking, she continued with her transformation in the gym. In just 6 months, Bjork managed to lose her pregnancy pounds.



A-Mother-Transformed-Her-Body-and-Got-Into-Perfect-Shape-After-Her-First-Pregnancy-2“I’m so happy that I started working out instead of eating crappy foods all day. I started eating healthy and changed my lifestyle habits. The results came quick and I was in the best shape of my life when my baby Vincent was 7-9 months old. If I could do it, every woman can do it,” wrote Malin on her Instagram.




Last year she posted a video showing her transformation journey, starting from the end of her first pregnancy up to her son’s second birthday. The results will blow your mind!

A-Mother-Transformed-Her-Body-and-Got-Into-Perfect-Shape-After-Her-First-Pregnancy-8 A-Mother-Transformed-Her-Body-and-Got-Into-Perfect-Shape-After-Her-First-Pregnancy-9 A-Mother-Transformed-Her-Body-and-Got-Into-Perfect-Shape-After-Her-First-Pregnancy-10Now she is pregnant with her second baby!