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Fashion Tips: How to Wisely Choose Fashion Jewelry for Dating Events

One of the most stressful times for us is the first date, closely followed by what on earth to wear for the first date no matter it is for garments or fashion jewelries.

More often than not, dressing up for a date is a lot harder than the date itself. After all, the first impression is truly the last impression in most cases. The moment you open the door to your date, you know for a fact that you will be scanned from top to bottom by this gentleman.

Even though he may tell you that looks don’t matter and true beauty lies on the inside. But you and I both know all that is a ton of rubbish. Men have a one track mind and that track goes as far as your appearance goes.

You can’t control how their minds work. However, you can definitely control one thing – your appearance by wisely choosing what you wear.

Starting from your clothes to your makeup and finally your jewelry – all of it is in your hands. So, since he is going to stare, why not make it worth his while?

The Importance of Jewelry

Be it a blind date, be it the very first date with a guy you have been crushing on for a while or be it your hundredth date, always, always look like you are the best he could ever get. And why not? After all, you really are the best any man can ever get.

So, how to look absolutely drop – dead gorgeous at each one of your date? Pretty sundresses, glamorous gowns – all that is great. But all that is pretty common too. What sets you apart from all the other girls out there is your sense of style. And your sense of style can be made loud and clear through the jewelry you wear. For example, different jewelries will cast different aroma with the match of your clothes, if you wear evening dresses, a matching necklace will definitely make your appearance more attractive and currently there are tons of styles of necklaces that you can choose to wear from cheap wholesale jewelry market. So as to the earrings and bracelets. Therefore, pick the ones carefully to match your outfit and make yourself more glamorous.

Something Blingy

If your outfit for the night is simple and understated, be sure to glam it up with some bling. Bling is the new in – thing in the fashion industry. Colorful beads or large chunky sparkles – whatever floats your boat!

Be it a big dangly pair of earrings, or a sparkly chain complementing your neckline – bling is in. A little bling is enough to add glamour to your ordinary attire.

Bling it up and watch him stare at you in awe. There is nothing that makes a first impression like some sparkly jewels.

Complement That Neckline


Every necklace tells a different story. Colored beads give you a Bohemian look, pearls dictate subtle class while silver spells out spunk.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure your necklace complements your neckline. If you want to wear a choker, wear nothing else that can take attention away from that powerful piece of jewelry. Wear a draping necklace with a light and loose top or dress.

Various styles of wholesale statement necklaces are on sale both in the local fashion booth and online fashion stores, so you can always find something to embellish your neckline with affordable rates.

The Ring Thing


Rings are in. Wear chunky and loud rings for an exotic look. Wear something timid and sophisticated for an elegant look.

Switch it up and make a statement every time you go on a date. Nothing spells confidence like a confident ring!

All in all, dating events no matter for first date or common dates are all very important for each woman because it will largely influence the lady’s relationship or even her future happiness for life. Who would like to appear terrible in front of others? Not mention to her lovers. So start dressing up today and choose the matching jewelry wisely to make yourself shine and enjoy the happy life!