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Easy and Creative Easter Decorations

Activate your creativity and create unique and beautiful decoration for Easter. These decorations are easy to do and will bring Easter spirit in your own home. So get all you need and start crafting!

Paper Egg Centerpiece

This centerpiece is just amazing and it’s the perfect Easter decoration. Cut out egg shapes from colorful paper and decorate it with markers and stickers. Hand them on some branches and place them in a vase.


A Colorful Box with Chocolate Eggs

Get a nice colorful box, or just use a simple box you got at home and line it with color paper. Fill your box with chocolate eggs. Your kids will love this!


Carnation Centerpiece

Get a medium size white, footed bowl. Place your Easter Eggs in a small bowl and put the small bowl in the center of the footed bowl. Put carnations around the bowl of eggs.


Easter Egg Door Décor

Use an old can as a vase. Place some flowers, ribbons and plastic Easter eggs. Hang this gorgeous décor on your door!


Paper Easter Basket

Get some colorful cardboard and make a cute, little basket from it. Fill the basket with Easter grass, some flowers and your colorful Easter Eggs.