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The Best Slide Board Exercises

Slide board is an ideal thing to add versatility and a new degree of challenge to your workouts. This article will focus on the best slide board exercises that can work on the entire body in an optimal manner. The exercises will also focus on coordination and balance.

Gliding discs can be used as an alternative to slide boards, nevertheless here are some of the slide board exercises that every gym-enthusiast tends to focus on:

Speed skaters

This is exercise is more specific to slide boards. It is also more of a challenging one and cannot be performed without gliding discs. It requires some practice but the efforts will not go in vain.

You can begin this exercise at one end of slide board with shoulders perpendicular to the board. Keep the left leg straight, right foot behind the left leg and right shin should be aligned with the ground. Witch your arms and stretch your right leg out to your right side with an aggressive arm action. Reverse the movement once you hit the end of board.

Double leg-pike

This is one of the best exercises that be performed to enhance your core strength. You have to initiate with a push-up position keeping your feet together. Raise your hips up and keep the legs as straight as possible. The objective is to get your feet as flat as you can while keeping the knees locked. Then reverse the movement back to the starting position.

Beginners can start with 5 sets. As soon as you familiarize with the exercise, progress to a sets of 10.

Single-leg mountain climbers

This an ideal energetic exercise that will primarily work on your lower body, shoulders and core.

Begin the exercise in a push-up position with your feet on the board. Align the body in the same direction as the board is placed. Move your one leg forward in a vigorous fashion until knees goes past the edge of board. Alternate the legs as quick as you can keeping your core tight and knees inside the elbows.

Double-leg mountain climbers

This is a more conditioned-version of single-leg mountain climbers and adds more variation of the core strength.

You need to begin with the same direction like the above exercise but instead of rotating right with the left leg, drive up the knees simultaneously. Keep the cores tight and drive the knees forward and backward.

Side lunge

This exercise trains your body sideways preparing for multi-directional movements.

Keep your right shoulder perpendicular to the board and stand at one end. The left foot must be off the board while right one must be on it. Slide the right foot down the board bending the left knee. Your head must be the center of your body.


Here were some of the best exercises that can be performed using a slide board. Since slide boards are gaining popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts, it is recommended to purchase a high quality one to make the most out of it.