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Anti Wrinkle Skin Care

The first signs of wrinkles appearing on face skin can be devastating for every woman. They can appear around eyes, mouth and forehead. Depending on how much you have been exposure of the sun, how diligently you have protected your skin from damage, and what kind of cosmetic products you have been using, wrinkles can start showing up as early as your middle twenties.


What are the wrinkles causes?

The primary factors for causing skin aging and showing wrinkles can be: sun damage, genetics, hormone loss, fat and bone depletion, chronological aging, destruction of the skin’s protective barrier and muscle movements. The most important thing for your skin strength, resilience, and structure, actually is collagen. When collagen becomes damaged by any of the reasons above, wrinkles begin to appear. Using products with added collagen won’t fix the problem, but there’s a lot you can do to help repair the damage and return your healthy glowing skin. That is why is also very important to choose skin care products and anti-wrinkles products very carefully. Those products should be contained lots of antioxidants; ingredients that may help put back into your damage skin what it has lost. Actually, antioxidants help your skin to generate normal cells again.

The major role of antioxidants

Whether you get antioxidants from your diet or put them on your skin, it is very important that they are vital to your health. When applied topically or eaten, antioxidants reduce environmental damage to your skin. Antioxidants prevent free-radical damage and they have remarkable benefits for all skin types. Wrinkles appear when free radical causes damage of the collagen damage and other vital skin functions.  A right skin care product should contain a powerful assortment of antioxidants to keep free radicals out from harming your skin.

The antioxidant – wrinkle connection

Our skin is naturally loaded with antioxidants to protect our skin from any damage, especially sun damage. But, because of sun damage and other factors such as growing up, menopause, disease, or using irritating skin care products, our skin loses the ability to produce those required and essential antioxidants. If we don’t get enough antioxidant protection, from your own body, from your diet or from topically applying antioxidants (using skin care products with the right ingredients for treating skin), free radicals damage your skin by breaking down the collagen, also DNA in our cells mutate, reducing the skin’s ability to heal. Antioxidants can improve cell function, increase collagen production, recover elasticity, reduce sun damage and help for creating healthier, younger skin cells. As same as the healthy diet, the most effective antioxidants you are using, the healthier and younger you will be.

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