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6 Things To Watch Out For When You Are on a Diet

Obesity has been one of the most targeted health issues in the world in the past few years. Granted, the World Health Organization, along with many others is doing their best to combat obesity and type 2 diabetes and other consequences and causes of weight gain. Moreover, there are medical experts everywhere who are constantly explore the field of weight loss methods, hunting for dietary regimens, workout routines and much more. However, despite all the efforts to help people achieve a healthier body, some aspects manage to go wrong. At some point in time, people forgot about the true purpose of diets which is why it is up to these points below to remind of a few things to watch out for while you’re on a diet.

Signs of a phony regimen

When going on a diet, we are often faced with a multitude of options; millions of diets with different strategies, all backed up by one scientist or another. Unfortunately, a thing about people is that they would rather take the easy way out of everything; this leads to fad diets.

From diets that only consist of chocolate milk to those only consisting of chewing food then spitting it. Diets of the sort are a dime a dozen. You need to accept that you will work hard for your health. You can’t wait for a magic pill or that exotic spice or anything. It’s a simple equation: proper weight loss occurs when the caloric output is larger than the caloric input provided by a balanced diet.

Profit-based companies

Health is an industry. As awful as it sounds, this is the truth. When looking for a suitable diet, it is always a good idea to make sure that the regimen is not tailored to market a certain company. While some companies may truly attempt to improve health with no regard for profit, other companies may be less than honest when doing research or when mentioning their results. Moreover, since, they only care about the profit, their main goal would be their sales margin not your waistline.

Tunnel vision

Tunnel vision when dieting is when people see their diet as the only source for good health; it causes people to miss out on dozens of other ways. According to Dr. Todd Watts from Microbe Formulas, our bodies absorb harmful heavy metals that need to be removed from our intestines. One way to rid the body of these metals is by performing cleanses. Not only that, meditation has also been proven to help improve gut health in several ways.

Insane workout routines

There is a reason why athletes always retire at an early age; their bodies usually give in. Our bodies were designed to work best when we reach some sort of balance between activity and rest. If your diet incorporates heavy exercise routines, you need to be careful not to over-exercise. Believe it or not, a healthy body is not that which is doing nothing but training. Your body needs rest as much as it needs cardio exercise.


Following a diet should not be a factor that adds to your daily burdens. Stressing over weight loss or that tiny cookie, you ate is not at all helpful; especially, when what you are aiming for is weight loss.

Stress increases blood pressure, adrenaline concentration in the blood, as well as, affects gut health in a negative manner. All these consequences of stress can result in weight gain, actually; not to mention increase the risk of having heart problems. Being thin is nice, but, at what cost?

Your mental health

Most people who go on diets are usually more at risk of falling into a cycle of unhealthy eating behaviors and eventually developing an eating disorder. With today’s dominant ideology of perfection being the new normal, it is often hard for people to accept the fact that a flat stomach does not exist.

This leads to people pushing their bodies’ physical and mental limits to an unhealthy extent. It generates feelings of inadequacy among other feelings that prove devastating.

A final thought

Of what was mentioned above, here’s what you need to know. Fat is not a synonym for ugly, and neither is thin a synonym for beauty. Bodies are not perfect; they will never be; no exceptions. If you find yourself unhappy with your diet, or if you find it limiting your freedom, then abandon it, find your own path. After all, bodies are just containers for something that is of a higher form of beauty.