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6 Reasons To Drink Tea Every Day  

Tea is a beverage that calms you when you’re feeling upset and wakes you up when you’re feeling sleepy. Tea is extremely good for your overall health and that’s why you should drink it every day, especially during winter.


Here are the reasons why you should drink tea every single day:

1. Tea is Easier To Make Than Coffee

To make coffee, you need to boil the water first, then wait for the coffee to be ready and then wait for it to cool down so you can drink it. To prepare a cup of tea all you need is hot water and a tea bag.

2. Green Tea Keeps Your Bones Healthy

Green tea can reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis and bone fracture in elderly people.

3. Black Tea Neutralizes Bad Breath

If you have bad breath, then you should start drinking black tea. A research has shown that black tea contains polyphenols that slow down the formation of bacteria that cause bad breath.

4. Tea is The Number 1 Product in China

Besides rice, oil, soya sauce, salt and vinegar, tea is considered to be the most necessary thing people need, in China.

5. Tea Can Help You With Your Seasonal Allergies

If you’re struggling with seasonal allergies, start drinking nettle tea. A recent research has shown that dry nettle leafs can reduce allergy symptoms.

6. Researchers Think Tea is Better Than Water

Researchers claim that tea can hydrate the body same as water does. Since tea contains antioxidants, it’s better than water.

Drinking green tea provides a wide range of health benefits, and one of the most important benefits is that can help with burning fat and weight loss naturally.