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6 drinks for a flat tummy

Summer is finally here and most of the women want to look good in swimsuits.

If you want to lose a couple inches before the holidays begin, especially around the stomach area, these drinks will help. The sweet fruit drinks perhaps help to chill and refresh, but does not help to weaken. Here are the 6 healthy drinks that can incredibly fit in your flat belly diet.

Mint ice tea


The mint tea is a great refreshing drink in the hot summer days. But it is established that is also great to fight belly fat. Mint tea helps your body to better and quickly digest fats and fatty foods, and it reduces bloating. Boil and prepare the mint tea at the night, then leave it to chill and place in the refrigerator overnight. In the next morning you will have a refresh and delicious homemade mint ice tea. Serve the tea without sugar.

Flavor water

When trying to lose weight, it is most important to drink water, lots of water! If you want something cool and fresh and you`re bored of the ordinary water, add some flavor to your cold water. You can choose fresh mint, lemon slices or chopped cucumber. It is vital to consume lots of fluids as this may help with bloating and retaining excess water – the two key reasons why your stomach usually appears exaggerated.

Fresh watermelon juice


As long as natural juices and shakes juices are made ​​with no additional sugars and flavors, they will be a great way to refresh and enjoy in, while not enter too many calories. Watermelon is an excellent base liquid for juice, simply because it contains plenty of water, rich flavor and fewer calories. Watermelon juice help in hydrating, and is packed with nutrients like lycopene fighting cancer, and also the essential amino acid arginine. Studies have shown that arginine break down fats within the body and help to build muscles.

Pineapple Frappe

Put chopped pineapple in a blender, add a little cold water and get a drink that smells like a summer vacation on the most beautiful beach. Pineapple contains substances that fight fat. For additional nutrients add one teaspoon of flaxseed. Flaxseed contains healthy fatty acids that actually help in burning fat. The pineapple contains bromelin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins, and helping the digestion and elimination of bloating.

Green tea


It is difficult that this list might go without the king of all diet drinks, the miraculous green tea. Not only the regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of getting cancer and heart disease, but studies have shown that this beverage contains antioxidants that help in the breakdown of fat in the abdomen. Drink a cup of green tea before exercise. The antioxidants found in the green leaf will help to quickly burn fat during exercise.

Dark chocolate shake

Тhe chocolate shake can really help you lose weight. Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, can help in the process of weight loss because it suppresses the appetite and prevents uncontrolled need for sweets and snacks. Whereas this sounds like realizing your dream, keep in mind that although chocolate shake contains no sugar, it has a fairly calories. It`s best to replace one meal with a dark chocolate shake. It is suggested to drink for breakfast, because it will make you feel full for longer with no desire for unhealthy sweet pleasures.

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