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9 Ordinary foods that will help you lose weight

There are plenty of different food regimes that are presented as a true recipe for loosing fat and most likely, within all, bread and sugar are the forbidden ingredients. Fortunately, there is a list of nine ordinary foods that include both sugar and bread and you can still lose weight.

1. Sweet Dessert


As awkward as it seems, but according to a recent study from the Tel Aviv University, people who had breakfast, full with carbohydrates and proteins and sweet dessert, have lost weight more than those people who had a breakfast with low carbs and sugar free. The secret is that people who included some sweets in their breakfast, felt a lot less hungry during the day. According to the study, after eight months, these people have lost an average of 45 pounds, which is much more than the 11 pounds that have lost those people who started the day with low carb and sugar free food regime.

2. Soup

One portion of a low calorie soup makes people consume 20 percent less calories during the day.

3. Oatmeal with Walnuts


Walnuts are very hard for digesting, and precisely because of that helps people consume fewer calories during the day because of maintaining a feeling of a full belly. If they are mixed with carbohydrates, you can stay full for even a longer period because carbs supply you with energy while the nuts maintain that energy for all day long.

4. Milk

As strange as it seems, because of the high percentage of calories, study conducted in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that people who drank more milk every day have lost much more weight compared with people who consumed less. That’s because the milk drinkers have a high amount of vitamin D which actually helps for decomposition of fats in the body.

5. Homemade Sandwich


Bring your homemade food to work! In the restaurants, you can’t control the nutrition values of the food that is serviced while you can do that when you make your sandwich, choosing the ingredients.

6. Lettuce

The salad is an old recipe for loosing weight. But everybody thinks that with eating only a salad or concretely lettuce they will remain hungry. If you manage your portion well and load it up with greens you will be amazed at how much filling they truly are.

7. Dark Chocolate


The dark chocolate, compared with the ordinary one, is more filling and shown through numbers, dark chocolate before any meal makes you eat 15 percent less calories during the day, which is not the case while eating a milk chocolate.

8. Cantaloupe

The cantaloupe is very high in potassium just like the melon and avocado. Also, it is a natural diuretic and helps you sweat more, which is good for losing fat.

9. Breakfast Burrito


Eating a nice, protein and carbohydrate burrito for breakfast makes you consume a lot less calories during other meals of the day.