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5 Online Brands with the Latest Digital Fashion Trends

If you are looking for the latest in digital fashion trends, look no further than these five online boutiques. Here, you will find an eclectic, curated mix of athleisure, clubwear, professional wear, and so much more.

Here are 5 online brands that have the latest trends in digital fashion, as seen on Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram, and more.


Edikted boutique was founded by a group of fashionistas with more than a decade of fashion design and tailoring experience between them. Carefully curated, on-trend pieces that do not sacrifice high quality construction for style is what you can find at the Edikted site.

This is a brand all about youthful expression regardless of age. While Edikted is a Gen-Z oriented online shop, women of all ages, shapes, and sizes will find something to love at a price they love even more. From workplace accessories, to basics, to clubbing clothes, you will find something for every occasion.

Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is an athleisure and athleticwear company that aims to provide sustainable garments to people of all gender identities, shapes, and sizes. By buying from the Girlfriend Collective, you help divert waste from landfills and support an ethical workplace. They sell separates, leggings, hoodies, outerwear, casualwear, loungewear…it’s all there!

The best part about the Girlfriend Collective’s sustainability pledge is that they will actually accept used Girlfriend Collective items to recycle into new garments…and give you store credit for them!

Gender neutral clothing that is sustainable and thoughtfully produced with a wide variety of shapes and sizes in mind: that is the backbone of the Girlfriend Collective.


MMLAFLEUR is a brand aimed at working women in the corporate world. The founders of MMLAFLEUR wanted to create a clothing company geared towards women who were changing the world. Their slogan is that they take the work out of getting dressed so you can focus on doing the work that matters.

So if you are a professional woman looking for clothing that streamlines your wardrobe and takes the guesswork out of getting dressed, look no further! With an emphasis on practicality, you never have to worry about looking stylish in a MMLAFLEUR piece.


Lulu’s is a tried and true brand that has stood the test of time. Having long ago differentiated themselves from the cavalcade of fast fashion options available on the market, Lulu’s features exclusive styles sold and designed with modern trends in mind.

While Lulu’s started as a curated vintage store, it expanded as the founders’ fanbase and appreciation for high-end construction grew.

Unlike many other mid-tier brands offering professional and classy evening and workwear, Lulu’s uses classic construction and the highest quality materials to provide you with high-end finishes and chic silhouettes. The Lulu’s boutique was founded with affordable and accessible luxury in mind, but without the hassle or the price tag and more of the fun.


Aritzia is a high-fashion brand that wants to differentiate itself using one key ingredient: fun! They want to reintroduce the concept that shopping for clothes should be as fun and as high quality of an experience as the garment you ultimately take home.

Aritzia is both a design house and a boutique, so they know what they are doing when they go to choose garments to include in the Aritzia collection. They curate pieces with the finest construction from talented creators worldwide. Aritzia’s main focus used to be on their brick-and-mortar locations and the experiences of consumers therein, but post-COVID they have turned their attention to maintaining that great consumer experience within the context of a digital marketplace.

Aritzia is definitely one of the pricier boutiques on this list, but there is no shortage of opportunities to save money. They have fantastic sales year around.

Alloy Apparel

Petite women and plus sized shoppers have attracted a lot of attention in recent years in the hopes that fashion houses will start to take notice and introduce more inclusivity in sizing. But where is the love for tall girls? If you are a tall girl or woman that struggles to find clothing that fits your style, body, and budget to a T, look no further than Alloy Apparel clothing.

Alloy Apparel offers extended sizing aimed at serving taller women who need longer inseams and lengths than those offered by most other boutiques and designers. But this is not your standard sizing translated onto longer legs. No, in fact, Alloy Apparel executes inclusive sizing in its purest form by offering petite and plus-sized longer seamed pants and clothing.