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6 Fashion-Forward Tips to Look Good in the Office

For the most part, women find office dress codes boring and restrictive. If you can learn to embrace the rules and guidelines, though, these oppressive regulations can actually offer a fun challenge.

And if you discover how to look good in the office, you can look stylish anywhere!

Six Office Fashion Tips

Dress codes have certainly grown more relaxed in most firms over the past decade, but most still maintain an expectation of professionalism. Unless you work in a creative art studio or write for a design magazine, you’re probably still a bit limited in what you can wear.

Having said that, there are a handful of simple things you can do to look stylish no matter what the rules may be.

  • Wear a Properly Fitting Bra

If you want to see an immediate improvement in your look and appearance, toss out those old bras and get some new ones … and make sure they actually fit! When you have a bra that fits, everything you own looks better.

Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Make sure the bra is snug on the loosest hook. It’ll naturally stretch out over time, but this ensures you’ll be able to get extended use out of your bras.
  • The band needs to be parallel to the ground; otherwise, it’s a sign your bra is too big or too small for your figure.
  • Bra straps should be capable of shifting up an inch on either side without negatively affecting the fit of the bra.
  • Your entire breast should fit inside the cup. Not only does this help with shaping, but it also ensures adequate support.

It’s possible to determine your proper bra size at home, but don’t be afraid to request an in-store fitting. It’s worth it to find the bras that will fit you best.

  • Fall in Love With Layering

Layer. Layer. And layer some more.

Never underestimate the beauty and versatility of a properly layered outfit. It’s especially ideal for those late fall and early spring days when the weather can change dramatically between morning and afternoon.

Aside from being practical, layers also enable you to incorporate contrasting or complementary textures. Fashion blogger Courtney Guinn has some excellent thoughts on how to layer appropriately.

  • Accessorize Intelligently

“Because they are generally pretty inexpensive, accessories are a great way to spice up any penny pincher’s wardrobe,” Work It Daily explains. “Not only that, but little additions like jewelry or scarves can completely change an outfit and make it pop with personality.”

Statement necklaces and trendy earrings clearly have a place in office fashion, but nothing says luxurious and successful quite like a watch. If you want a watch that reflects your ambitious personality, check out Vincero. They make beautiful yet affordable timepieces.

  • Use Pops of Color

For the most part, neutral tones and subdued colors work best in a professional setting. However, you can spice up an outfit by using small pops of color.

Whether it’s a bracelet, pair of shoes, or a high-waist belt, small color pops give you an opportunity to experiment with new looks without taking too much of a risk.

  • Choose the Right Bag

Tired of your old, worn-out canvas tote? Thinking you need a work bag that’s practical yet stylish? Well, you’re in luck.

More brands have begun to specialize in affordable luxury work bags for women. “Brands like Dagne Dover, Senreve, and Everlane are changing the game and making it easier than ever to find everyday bags that look good and hold a lot of stuff,” BusinessInsider explains.

It’s a good idea to have at least two or three options to choose from, so you can mix things up on a day-to-day basis.

  • Carry Yourself With Confidence

This is less of a style tip and more of a general life suggestion. The more you carry yourself with confidence, the more attractive and successful other people will see you.

So if you want to look good, act you like you look good. Even if you aren’t feeling on top of your game on a particular day, a fake-it-’til-you-make-it approach can work wonders.

Unleash Your Corporate Fashionista 

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to dinner on Saturday night, church on Sunday morning, or a client meeting on Monday afternoon … there are ways to look both fashion-forward and appropriate for the setting.

We hope this article has given you some ideas to look stylish Monday through Friday.