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5 Interesting and Fun Ideas for Family Fitness

Making the family activities and fitness a crucial part of your children`s life at the earlier age, can actually help them to make healthy habits for life. Exercising is very important for the parents, also very significant for the children. Exercising may helps lower heart risks, helps control weight and improve their school performance and life expectancy.

Because kids are not familiar with the health benefits of the exercising, and they do not even care about it, your job is to make them to star practice a healthy life. Make the exercise fun, playful and enjoyable for whole family, so they will more likely to stick with it.

As a parent, you are a powerful role model. If you are more active every day, your kids will follow your lead.

Here are five interesting and fun ideas for family fitness that can get you all start moving and be active.


1. Make and schedule a time to play

Set aside several fun activities and exercise about 30 minutes three times a weekwith your kids. The time play can be after school or before the dinner, when the most of the family have free time to spend. If your kids are younger, they might enjoy playing hide-and-seek, hopscotch or soccer ball.

Plan at least one family activity every weekend. It can be as simple as taking your kids to the playground and play with ball. This activity can be very challenging for them especially for your teenager.

Great solution to make your kids start moving is planning time for exercising and doing some activities. First thing you should do is to turn off the TV, or keep TV out of the kids’ bedrooms. Then you can offer a variety of family activities, and always choose the competitive ones for boosting more energy. Make your kids start exploring different moves with their bodies that will help them to find the favorite exercises they want to stick with for long time.

2. Plan active family gathering

Make the bigger family events and gatherings such as birthdays and holidays more active.  Provide family fitness besides the cake at your child’s birthday party by planning active games.

Any big gathering of kids is a great opportunity to play a team sport. Make your yard a little soccer field or just visit a nearby basketball court. Other active party ideas and definitely the most entertaining are the in-line or ice skating, pool party, or indoor rock climbing.

Remember that, at family or holiday gatherings, to turn off the TV, and start having fun with the whole family. Simply you can go for a walk all together.

3. Walk or ride a bicycle


Always walk or ride a bicycle everywhere you can, like to the library, grocery store or to some nearby sports events. Use muscle power for healthier life. Go for a 30-minute family walk after dinner instead of sitting front of the TV. You can also track the spent miles with a pedometer, and try to add more distance every week. Write down your scores to track your progress as reminder for your efforts.

4. Dance while you clean

Young kids would love to help you to do home cleaning by picking up their toys or sweep floors while dancing. So, play music whenever is clean time, and make a little competition for the work. Older kids can help you clean the dust or make their beds. These are very good activities for your kids, keeping them busy.

5. Make the yard for more family activities

Enjoy seasonal yard work together. Younger kids can help you watering the plants and older kids can rake leaves into a pile, and then jump on it for more fun. Working together will make them useful and entertaining at the same time.

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