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12 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Bicycle

There is a well-known saying about this alternative vehicle – Once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never forget it. Despite the fact that it helps you burn calories, it’s an excellent cardio workout for your body and it can get you to a certain place in a minute, it also is a fun activity that will make you happier.

Hot, summer days are perfect for this type of activities and although is an activity you can independently do. It’s a fun group activity too.

12 reasons why you should ride a bicycle 01

Keep on reading and find out why you need to get your bicycle out of the garage and start using it on daily bases…

 1. It burns a lot of calories and tones your legs

Riding a bike is a great way to burn a lot of  calories  without  using a lot of body strength. A lot of things influence on how many calories will be burned during the ride such as: your weight, the point of resistance on your bike, your pedaling speed and the length of the track your riding on. For example: A one hour relaxed ride of a person weighting 55 kilos, will burn 220 calories. In the same time, you tone your legs and hips and with a correct sitting posture on a bicycle you will activate your abdomen muscles too.

Cycling strengthens your back and lifting your butt up from the seat and pedaling in the same time will help you shape your butt.

2. It’s an excellent stress reliever

Everyday problems can be exhausting and can increase your stress level and these kind of things have a huge influence on your mind and body. Do yourself a favor, get your bike and start cycling because it has therapeutic effects. Being outside and breathing fresh air will instantly make you feel better.

The more you enjoy during this activity, the faster you’ll feel stress free. Pedaling will make you feel like you’re meditating. Get fully concentrated on properly and energetic pedaling and get rid of your negative thoughts. A bicycle truly is a magical rubber for erasing stress and anxieties.

 3. It controls your appetite

A research from the University of Surrey shows that cycling can help you control your food intake. This kind of physical activity will reduce your daily food intake. People involved in this research had the same amount of breakfast every day until they were divided into two groups. The first group was left to rest and the other went on cycling. It has been confirmed that 60 minutes of cycling activates the hormones that reduce hunger.

4. It increases your energy and makes you happier

30 minutes of cycling a day is all you need to increase your energy levels, without using other stimulants like coffee. You are mistaken if you believe that physical activities will exhaust you. Physical activities will stimulate you and will give you more energy to do your daily tasks. Cycling, as any other physical activity, will make you content  and  happy. Releasing  your  ‘happy hormones’, serotonin and dopamine, will make you feel happy and more motivated.

5. It keeps your heart healthy

It has been proved that cycling lowers the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. This fun, physical activity will help you lower the risk of getting any kind of disease, such as diabetes type 2, cancer and hearth complications. It stabilizes your blood pressure and lowers the chances of getting a heart attack. Cycling is the complete work out session for your heart, lungs and blood vessels.

6. It protects your ankles and joints

Cycling is a cardiovascular exercise that causes less friction on your joints than running or doing aerobics. The chances of getting an injury are minimal, if you take into consideration that by walking you increase your chances of injuring your knees. If you have any problem with your knees, don not have any doubts that cycling is the real thing for you.

7. It gives you a better and high quality sleep

Cycling will give you the energy you need during the day and the sleep you need during the night. A quality sleep is the thing you need to keep your mind and body rested, to look fresh and to lose weight. The experts advise you not to go cycling at least 4 hours before you go to sleep.

8. It improves your concentration and stimulates your brain

That morning blurriness you feel after getting out of bed can be easily fixed with a few minute cycling. Pedaling significantly improves your blood circulation and circulation improves the work of your brain and your concentration. Cycling will help you sort your thoughts better and prevent ‘brain blockage’.

9. It makes you look younger

Cycling will not only keep your spirit younger, but will also make you look younger. Just like any other physical activity, cycling will make your skin tight and make it look shinier and your body will be in a better shape. The fact that you’re actually enjoying yourself while cycling will bring a smile on your face

10. It is an excellent social and family activity

One of the best things about cycling is that you can do it by yourself but also in good company. Cycling is a great social activity that will allow you to spend quality time with friends and family. And the best thing about all is that is free.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun and to spend time with the ones you love. Cycling is a sport for the whole family. To make it more enjoyable, especially for the young ones, you can invest in a gas or electric motorized bicycle. There are various designs and engine types to choose from, so there is something that would suit each family member. These can be custom-built, too. Because of that, everyone can be satisfied with the design and power of their motorized bike. And once you are all on the road, you can take a little time to relax from pedaling because the engine will continue to propel your bicycle. But it is not just for leisure time—you and your family members can also take your motorized bicycle to work or school to help you stay fit and healthy.

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11. It improves your sexual life

Getting your body in shape using your bicycle, will not only make you feel more attractive but will also balance the ‘sex hormones’ in your body. Although researches show the connecting between endorphins and physical activities, there is also a connection with sex hormones, such as testosterone. Women in good physical shape reach menopause later. In the end, what’s good for your heart is good for your sexual life too.

12. It saves our planet

Use your bike instead of your car anytime you can. Be a role model in your community by using this alternative vehicle. You will safe your environment by reducing the air pollution. You will also save money and time using your bike and also avoid the terrible traffic.