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A few interesting ways how to entertain your children without technology

You have a two, three children at home, and it is hard to find the most interesting thing for them to keep them busy and happy at the same time. So, if you want them entertain without buying expensive toys or playing video games and TV, take a look at these following ideas:


Make a blanket fort

Use a few blankets and help your children make themselves a blanket fort. Use books or anything suitable for keeping the blankets in place. Spend the evening with your children reading them a good book. Make the evening different from everyday routines before sleeping. It will be a great adventure for them, without using the TV as a tool for entertaining before going in the bed.

Throwing in the recycling bin

The recycling bin could be very fun for children, but you should be very careful with anything dangerous for them. Avoid glass and objects with sharp peaks. Cereal boxes or cartons will be great, and if it is warm outside, you can use all the containers for playing in the yard.

It is time for evening bathtub

If your kid is little, hopefully it will enjoy spending the evening sitting in the warm water, surround with all his dolls, animals, toys floating around. Always be careful and watch your kid during his bath. Building a soap tower using bubble bath it is also a great idea to entertain.

Digging in the backyard

Sometimes digging in the ground is the most interesting for your children. Make a special part of your yard, when they can dig anytime as much as they want. Give them a plastic trowel or spoon, and let the party begin. If you want to make the game more interesting for them, bury some coins in the ground, and let them find the hidden treasure. It will be fun for all family.

Fabric material pieces

If you have some leftovers of some fabric material with different colors, use them to entertain your children. Let them make some clothes, bed, pillow or blankets for their animals and toys. Avoid any sharp object around them. It is for sure they will find interested playing with the materials.

It is time for movie night

How to make a movie night without using the TV? Actually, it is very easy. Get some of their favorite toys and make a small performance. The puppet show will entertain the whole family. Rehearse the short play with your children and sing songs all night.

Sometimes it’s hard to entertain kids, but with some creativity you will keep them entertained until dinner or going to bed. Share your ideas and give some tips for entertaining children.