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The 4 Best Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2018

Well, the new year is here with us, and as is the norm, most people have come up with a couple of New Year’s resolutions. One of the resolutions that is featured in most New Year’s resolution lists is enrolling at the local gym or practicing a healthy lifestyle in order to improve your fitness level.

Many times, our bodies are a mirror image of what we eat. Most people meticulously choose foods to eat in the hope that these foods will help them achieve that leaner, fitter, and sexier body that they dream of having.

For one to get that dream body, almost all the foods we eat count in our efforts to achieve it. Supplements such as turinabol avis can also be of great help. More so, you should solely focus on highly nutritious, muscle building, and disease preventing foods. Below, we take a look at four foods that will really count and help you greatly in your fitness journey this year.

Beetroot Juice

For a healthy body, you require a lot of energy. Based on the latest research, nutritionists have shown that juice from the beetroot is very effective in improving your energy levels. A glass of beetroot juice just before you start your workouts or hit the gym will increase your energy levels and, thus, help you perform more reps.

Beetroot juice is a good source of stamina. You can get beetroot juice by either blending fresh beetroots or purchasing bottled beetroot juice from your local store.


Apples are one of the top-ranked fruits in matters of health, so they definitely have to be on this list. Apples contain a compound known as quercetin. This ingredient helps boost energy levels and improves your endurance.

Quercetin supplements are always available in stores, but if you cannot find them, do not worry. Making apples your fruit of choice will help greatly in improving your endurance, which will assist in performing exercises for longer durations.

Pea Powder

One of the greatest plant-based proteins is the pea protein. You may be wondering how pea protein powder is made. Well, it is made by drying peas and later grinding them to powder form. The powder is then mixed with water to get rid of the starch and fiber. The paste is then dried and re-ground into fine powder.

Coupled with a good flavor, pea proteins contain amino acids that help ward off weariness during exercise. Another compound known as arginine is found in the pea powder and helps boost your immunity levels.


Watercress is a spicy veggie that scientists and researchers say helps in flushing out toxic waste after and during exercise, which boosts your post-workout recovery. When eaten a few hours before tough workout sessions, watercress helps prevent post-workout muscle destruction.

What makes watercress a top remedy is that it contains vitamin E and a host of other nutrients like beta-carotene, which assists in a quicker recovery by eliminating waste that becomes built-up in your muscles during exercise.