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12 Tips How to Easily Shed Pounds

Following this 12 crucial tips, you will definitely lose some weight and keep it off. Remember that healthy soul goes by healthy body.

1. Water

It is crucial to drink lots of water. Always drink water before meals and between meals. Dehydration often masks itself as hunger.

2. Eat Your Calories

Don’t drink the calories, except for healthy shakes and smoothies. Stop consuming sodas, even diet one or most sugar juices. Eat your fruit whenever is possible through the day, the extra fiber in fruits helps you to feel full.

3. Use Smaller Plates


Always use smaller plates and of course a bigger spoon or fork. Trick your body and mind into thinking that you are eating more food. If you see a plate filled with food your brain thinks like this: “Wow, just ate a whole plate of food”.

4. Pile Up Your Food

Heap your food into a tall pile. Use the same trick and philosophy as above. A plate with a tall pile of veggies looks so much bigger.

5. Veggies First

Put your vegetables on your plate first, they should cover about half of it. Eating healthy is essential for your diet.

6. Make it Look Bigger


Use your fantasy to make the meals always bigger even they are not. If you eat half a chicken breast and safe half for another meal, then cut the one half longwise to look bigger.

7. Spice It Up

Spicy foods trick your taste buds into being more satisfied with smaller amounts.
Extra tip: sprinkle the popcorn with a spicy blended pepper, it is very delicious!

8. No Fad Diets

Starvation makes your body to actually freak out! When your body is starving it holds every fat cell for life, in case you need it later.

9. Love Yourself


If you don`t love yourself heavy, you won`t love four self slim either. It is not a magic fix all problems because it is very simple: you did not get heavy overnight, so you will not lose it overnight either.

10. Change Your Life

There is no magic cure. The only way to lose weight and stay fit is to constantly burn more calories than you take in. Remember that this is a life change, not a two week change.

11. Make It a Mantra

“Today I will eat food that nurtures my body and keeps me healthy and makes me feel good. I will also do some gentle exercises to stretch my muscles, because I deserve the best for myself. “

12. Keep Track of Inches

When you think you have hit a plateau in weight loss it is your body exchanging fat for muscles. The muscle tissue is half the size of fat and burns calories more efficiently.

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