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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Nails

Nails have become an obsession for women all around the world. From shaping them, to beautifying them, they’re much more complex than we thought. Here are some interesting facts about your nails:


1. Your Nails Grow 3.5 mm Per Month

Many things influence the growth of your nails, such as diseases and the vitamin intake. If your nail completely falls off, it will take up to 3- 5 months until it’s fully grown.

2. Your Hair and Nails Are Made From The Same Proteins

Both your hair and nails contain keratin.

3. Men’s Nails Grow Faster

It’s a fact that men’s nails grow much faster than women’s. This fact doesn’t imply if the woman is pregnant.

4. Whitlows are There For a Reason

Whitlows  protect us from bacteria. They’re not attractive to look at, but we need to take care of them.

5. Genetics Defines Firmness

Some people are blessed with firm nails, and some have thin and brittle nails. Blame it on your genetics.

6. Your Nails Don’t Need Oxygen

If someone tells you “You need to let your nails breathe”, they’re completely wrong. Your nails are made of dead cells, and dead cells don’t need oxygen. On the other hand, your whitlows need oxygen.

7. Weather and Seasons Influence The Growth

Your nails grow a lot faster on hot and sunny days and a lot slower during winter time.

8. Nails Biting Is Called “Onychophagia”

Your bad habit has a name and it’s mainly caused by stress and anxiety.

9. Regularly Nail Clipping is Important

A lot of germs and bacteria are found underneath nails. So don’t grow out your nails a lot since it’s not really sanitary.

10. Your Nails Are a Reflection Of Your Health

If your nails don’t have a healthy pink color, nor a right shape and they’re can break really easily, that’s an indication of some disorder or a disease.