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10 Incredible Beauty Tips and Tricks

Try these easy beauty tips and tricks at home, and very soon you will get the desired beautifying effects.


  1. Instead  of body lotion, apply body oil to the skin after a shower. It moisturizes, but also insulates your body and keeps you warm.
  2. Add a shimmery eyeshadow pigment or liquid illuminator to your foundation or moisturizer to keep your skin from looking bland!
  3. Swap out your body lotions for a body butter, it’s thicker so it moisturizes better!
  4. To keep feet from being dry and cracked: before bed, apply a thick lotion and put on sock to lock it in!
  5. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Sunscreen is still important, in every season.
  6. Your hair gets dry, just like your skin. Deep conditioners, leave-in treatments, and hair serums are a must!
  7. It might feel nice to have a hot shower or bath, but use lukewarm water not hot. Hot water  draws the moisture out of our skin.
  8. If you like to avoid the natural highlighting of your hair, spray SPF leave-in conditioner in your hair before heading out.
  9. Spray a bit of deodorant on the back of your neck. It helps to keep your body cool and prevents sweat that can mess up your straightened hair during hot days.
  10. Smooth your dry lips with sugar cubes or honey. It is very easy, it is edible and cheap.

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