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The 3 Healthiest Breakfasts You’ve Ever Cooked

Having a nourishing and healthy breakfast is the key to a good and productive day. Here are 3 perfect ideas for delicious and nutritious breakfast: Oat Pancake Ingredients: 1 egg 1 egg white 3 tbsp. rolled oats 3 tbsp. milk Cocoa powder Instructions: Combine all the ingredients and mix …

10 Oral Hygiene Tips For Healthy Teeth

We all know it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene. But how exactly can we keep our teeth clean and healthy? Dentists from Kaizen Dental present you a few effective tips you could try without spending a fortune: Go on …

Use the Power of Sound to restore and revitalize Beauty!

The Deep Wave Beauty CD consists of 8 original tracks all rich in multidimensional music interwoven with special vibrational frequencies. These frequencies convey targeted, healing energies to benefit our holistic nature: The CD contains the frequency-equivalents of important vitamins and nutrients. These …

Great Ladies’ Cases For Your iPhone

Regardless of whether you use your lovely new iPhone to chat with friends, post your selfies or even play casino games, it’s clear that a good case is essential for stopping your digital friend from getting battered in your handbag. So here’s …

7 Tricks to Help You Look 15 Years Younger

Wrinkles, lines and other skin changes are signs of aging, that we can’t escape. Still, there are some tricks that will help you emphasize your natural beauty and make you look much younger. Here are the 7 makeup tricks for mature women: …

Weekly Horoscope 16.01 – 22.01

Aries (21.03-20.04) Love A strong difference in ideology between you and your lover might put a wet blanket on your sex life early in the week. You may not feel comfortable enough even voicing your own narrative to your mate, and if this …