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You Won’t Believe How Old This Woman Is

Would you ever believe that this woman is 48-years old? No judging on the way she looks…


Laura Gordon from North Carolina is 48-years old but many think she’s in her late twenties. The secret to her youthful look is pretty simple- healthy diet and hard training.


“I am not a model, I’ve never been in the fitness business not I’ve worked anything like that. I’m a real estate agent and consider exercising for my second job. It’s hard and I don’t like it, but the results are fantastic- healthy and fit,” explains Laura, who has more than 470.000 followers on her Instagram.

Laura doesn’t have kids and she admits that her husband is the one to blame for her many followers.


“My friends and relatives constantly tell me that I’m lucky to look that good, but luck doesn’t have anything to do with it. Please don’t call me a lucky person because I work hard and I gave up many things that not many of you are ready to give up,” explains Laura.

She also claims that she doesn’t take any supplements.