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Workout with Bumper Plates

Fitness workouts at the home gym have become more and more popular for many years especially in covid-19 pandemic situation. It sounds tempting to progress from home without spending money on the gym. And it really is possible for you! It doesn’t even require a lot of simulators. A set of bumper plates is enough.

Dumbbells offer a great opportunity for your fitness workouts to intensify your exercises for quick results. There are several very good scale sets on the market

What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are essential for a good fitness workout. They offer the perfect solution for heavy weight training and can be used in combination with a variety of dumbbells.

Anyone who wants to train effectively at home should have at least a small set of dumbbells that can be used to vary the weight for each exercise. With weights, you can take the gym home and train like a pro.

In our weight plate price comparison, you will find out which type of bumper plates is best for your home, what criteria to consider when buying, and which set convinced us the most.

What materials are available for bumper plates?

Weights can be made from a different type of materials. The most common weights are cast iron or sand-filled plastic sheeting.

There are also rubber or rubber coated options that are particularly soft and quiet.

The sets compared in our test are made of cast iron or sand-filled plastic.

Cast iron weighting materials are particularly strong and durable. This option is especially common in fitness studios, as it is usually very high quality.

However, cast iron weights are usually slightly more expensive than others.

What weight should I choose for bumper plates?

In general it is difficult to say which weight to choose. It always depends on the specific person, what kind of training you want to take, your gender and age, as well as how advanced you are in training.

However, a set of bumper plates weighing between 20 and 30 kg is a good solution in most cases. You can then use less weight for more specific exercises by lifting several discs off the bar. For basic squat, deadlift, and bench press exercises, however, it still offers enough weight so that you don’t immediately reach your limits and don’t have to buy new ones.

If you’re just starting out, make sure to start with less weight and focus on doing the exercises correctly first. Only when the shape is correct and you are accustomed to the pattern of movement can you gain more weight.

What should be considered when buying bumper plates?

The different bumper Plate Tests as well as the bumper Plate Comparison evaluate and compare the quality and functionality of the bumper plates many times, we want to show you what functions you can use to determine this quality so you can make your own opinion on our bumper plates buying recommendations. The following criteria determine the quality of the best bumper plates.


As mentioned above, bumper plates can be made from different materials. In addition to cast iron and sand-filled weights, there are also rubberized or all-rubber options. Each material has different advantages and is suitable for different situations. Cast iron is particularly strong and durable. Rubber weights or rubberized counterweights glide very quietly and gently on the floor. Sand weights are unambiguously inexpensive and well suited for beginners.

Bumper plates are made of high density rubber with a durable stainless steel insert that can withstand repeated drops with minimal bounce

Light weight, very suitable for warm up,

It can be used to teach techniques such as deadlift, Olympic lifting, pulling, etc.

The multi-functional weightlifting board can be used to train muscle and endurance as well as improve flexibility and balance.


Before you choose a set of weights, you need to decide on a weight. A good choice here is a set of 20 to 30 kg. Thus, you can exercise for a while until you reach your weight limits and you do not have to put on extra weight for yourself.

It is also necessary to choose the composition of the set well:

There are sets with some large discs (5 kg, 10 kg). The heavier the individual slices, the more weight you can put on the bar later if you want to buy additional weights. However, for starters, the kit should also contain smaller discs (1.25kg, 2.5kg) so that they can start with a lower weight. We can recommend a good mix of small and large weights. This way, you can start with slightly less barbell weights and still have heavier discs to improve your workouts over time.