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Working Housewives: Opportunities to Make Money Sitting-at-Home

We live in a generation where more women are growing into independent roles and looking to take care of their own needs. Our society was independent once, and will grow more independent as time goes by. There is no stopping the ambition and determination of the women of our generation. Feminists and activists have long strived to make this a reality; and when the opportunities are there, it would be cruel to not work for it.  That independence also relates to the choice we can make; to do or not to do. There are some women who still do not like going to an office for work and will look for an alternative to that. It might be because of different reasons; not pertaining to any one reason alone.

Our society has evolved so much that there are plenty of working opportunities, even for housewives who do not want to leave the comfort of their houses. Let us start with the areas where a housewife could apply and earn money:

  1. Teach– This is a great way to earn money while sitting at home. You can put up an ad online or print up some flyers and post it in your area. All you need is a couple of children in the neighborhood who need special attention with their studies. You can take their responsibility and earn some money to take care of your expenses. Better enough, as you help those children, you can start coaching classes for children at your place and earn a substantial amount of money sitting at home.
  2. Baby Sitting– Yes, this one can make a lot of money for you. There are many women in your locality who go to offices to work leaving their children in the care of a babysitter. You can take that responsibility off their hands and ask them to leave their children with you. The job might get tough at times but it will get you a good pay if enough people start dropping off their toddlers at your place.
  3. Laundry Work– Though, the most arduous of tasks; you can take it up if you are willing to get your hands dirty, quite literally. It will get tough on you at times when there are too many people with their clothes to be cleaned. You can start off slow and then take as much as you can manage. It will require much work from you and get you a pay little lesser than you expect so you need to make sure that you do not get yourself too tired. Take only as much as you should.
  4. Freelance writer– This one is the most common of jobs for housewives out there. It gets you a good pay depending on the work you are ready to put in. There is no stopping you here. You can take up as much work as you can and then begin to explore new opportunities. There is no dearth of writing jobs, you can create your profile on websites like Upwork and then demand a standard rate; albeit that rate would be lower in the starting, you can move your way up as your credentials are established. If that seems too hard a task, you can even start doing homework for school students on websites like TopAssignmentExperts and get money for that.
  5. Giving Surveys– There are many websites like GoSurvey where you can take a number of surveys for companies and earn money for that. Each survey takes a few minutes to be completed; you will earn money on the number of surveys you have taken. As soon as you have finished a number of surveys, you will be allowed to apply for money transfer. It does not require much skill and all depends on the number of surveys you can take. To be honest, It is not such a huge opportunity; you will have to take a whole lot of surveys before you could earn a decent sum of money.
  6. Virtual Assistance– It is the future of work-from-home jobs. If you have a degree and some level of expertise in any field; you can apply to become a virtual assistant. You can try work of administerial, creative, or technical background and charge money for that. Companies even go out to hire people sitting in another country who could do a particular job for you. Imagine sitting on your bed and guiding a customer on how to take care of a malfunctioning computer; you do not need to move an inch. You only need your phone and laptop with you at home and you are all set for this job.
  7. Assignment Writer– This one is popular all across the West. All you need is a college degree and you can apply to become an assignment writer. There are many such companies who offer opportunities like this such as ThanksForTheHelp. You will have to demonstrate a level of skill and expertise before being taken seriously for the job. What you will have to do is eventually help foreign students with their assignments; these students travel to foreign countries and do not have anybody to help them with an advanced coursework and a language barrier that is hard to overcome.
  8. Be creative– There are sit-at-home marketers who take up jobs from companies to finish up. For example, a marketer would go to a startup and tell them that she is ready to sell their products; she would say that she needs 500 product items from them and she would charge a commission if she sells them all. She would use tricks and techniques to connect with buyers and then sell those products to them. If she is able to sell all the items, she will get a hefty commission for it and even a job opportunity in the company.
  9. Blogging– Another absolute belter of an opportunity. If you make it big in the world of blogging, you will be well-set financially for a number of years. But, it takes a whole lot of time to do that. Firstly, you will have to start small and keep on posting articles frequently. When you get a large enough viewership, you can start taking money from advertisers. This all sounds methodical and easy, but it takes a lot of hard work and patience to make it big on this platform.