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Women’s Health Strategy for 2019

Being fit is an ongoing process, it is never complete or whole or finished. As one ages, new issues come up, the idea of health goes through an evolution, and priorities about one’s body change.

Women have strong and resilient bodies which need to be taken care of differently than men, not because of any physiological or compositional reason, but simply because women’s bodies often receive much more stress and pressure than men, due to the dual nature of their daily activities- not only physical but also mental.

Amidst the mental exhaustion, the physical weakness, and endless chores being dovetailed, women need to ensure they take proper care of their bodies, else the consequences of the stress can start showing in their health.

When stress pervades the body’s functioning and working abilities, it is then an ongoing struggle as getting out of the cycle of physical wear and tear is very difficult, which in turn impairs one’s ability to perform tasks well, which again causes more stress and wear and tear of the body.

Prevention is better than cure, and hence, a health strategy is a must. It is imperative to set a plan in place, a regular, easy, doable, and realistic plan, which does not require extreme measures but takes into account the importance of wholesome health and its benefits.

Proper understanding of health is crucial to remember that being healthy does not require losing a lot of weight or looking a certain shape or kind. It requires the proper harmony of senses and the ability to be in control of one’s body.

To ensure women can stay healthy and reap the benefits of a body that acts as told, the following two points must be adhered to by women, regardless of their age and other factors. These keep the mind and body synced and the head in charge, while ensuring an active pursuit of everyday chores keeps the joints greased.

1. Having a balanced diet

Often people say a diet must be healthy, but well, a healthy diet varies from individual to individual as per their personal physical conditions and requirements. Hence, every ‘healthy diet’ must be tailor made to meet the needs of the person who takes it.

This tailor-made diet is everyone’s personal balanced diet. A balanced diet includes important minerals and vitamins, adequate amounts of protein, and a good amount of fiber.

Then, how is this different for everyone? The trick is to understand what is personally required by a person. Women who are in the age where they menstruate require more iron, whereas those who are having a baby or have just had a baby require calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D for strength. The women who often experience dry skin should have sufficient fluids, as well as good fats in nuts and fish.

Listening to one’s body is what allows a healthy and truly balanced diet to come into being and practice. This does not require skipping one’s favorite foods or forgoing a class of foods altogether. It requires an attentive and willing change to incorporate that which the body requires.

2. Maintaining good habits

When women are raised they are often told from a young age that they must maintain good habits. However, the intended good habits are very different from what women actually need to maintain.

Good habits that we are talking about are moderating alcohol intake, controlling smoking, avoiding drugs, and more. And these habits must keep changing with time, as aging makes a huge difference in how these must be approached.

When one is young, the body is resilient, drinking all through a night of partying is survivable, but as one ages hangover become a real thing. This does not mean that stopping just before what tips off a hangover is acceptable; as one grows older, drinking should be limited to a drink a week, or less. While the colleagues will continue to go on about the benefits of red wine, there is only so much red wine one is still allowed to drink.

Smoking is a habit that ages the skin and organs very quickly. It slows down metabolism and reduces immunity. It predisposes the risk of several diseases including cancer. Smoking is a habit one should never get into, but if one does have it, it is crucial to get out of it before it starts taking a toll on one’s body.

Sleeping on time is a habit that women often forget about when it is arguably the most important. Sleeping is when the body rejuvenates itself and the repairing of cells takes place. If one does not sleep enough, they cannot expect the body to cope up with all that is thrown at it every day.

These are called good habits because they are good, and often times, like habits are, hard to maintain. But that is all the more reason for one to work towards it, and always remember, that there is no bad habit that can’t be broken in 21 days.

Other than these two important steps, women must also engage effectively with their health and their body which requires several steps, and here are a few of them listed.

  • Consult a doctor every now and then: about the various health issues that may perk up occasionally, it is important to have a doctor’s opinion about it. Since online doctor appointments can be booked so easily now, and free online doctor chat rooms are easy to come by with platforms like Docprime, there is no reason one can miss out on these.
  • Exercise from time to time: without making the body do some physical activity from time to time, one cannot expect to get optimum performance when needed suddenly. Exercising regularly offers a host of health benefits as it prevents multiple diseases, and also gives one great stamina and enthusiasm to pursue any task with energy and zeal.
  • Get checked for breast cancer: as women today know very well, breast cancer is very common and can happen to women of all ages. It then becomes important to keep getting regular checkups and ensuring that one is healthy and safe. Identifying the disease at its earliest is imperative for combating it.
  • Stay safe in the sun: women deal with aging stress more than men ever will, thanks to society, and the worst enemy of skin is the sun. the lower one’s melanin levels, the higher their chances of sun damage are. Harmful rays from the sun can also be the cause of many diseases including cancer.

Adopting healthy habits, making slight changes in the demeanor and outlook towards healthcare, and listening to one’s body can make all the difference in one’s health, not only instantaneously but also over the years. Following the aforementioned tips religiously, of course after making the personalized changes that one needs to make, make up a health strategy that cannot let anyone down, and adopting it in the year to come is sure to boost a woman’s health and ensure stability.