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What Not to Do if You Want to Keep Your Wooden Flooring in The Best Shape

Wooden floors are elegant, classy and glamorous. They are all you want to make your home or office look ultra modern and chic! If you are upto doing some renovation in the house with the intention of giving it a modern makeover and you are also considering getting your floor revamped, then wooden flooring is the best option to choose. It can single handedly give your entire house a distinguished look and give the elegance you were looking for. Not only this, once the flooring is done, you can go ahead with the other replacements and addition according to the colour scheme. With the flooring off the checklist, you can now concentrate on other aspects of the makeover.

Wooden flooring comes in a lot of patterns and designs. So you have plenty of options to choose from which is appropriate for your design scheme. You can check out all of them on The Wooden Specialist Ltd. and opt the best one for your home. Talking about the maintenance of the wooden flooring, yes, we agree that you have to be a bit careful with them but you do not have to be scared of this fact! Well, anything that is beautiful has to be treated delicately, isn’t it?

Let us get to know a few things that you must abstain from doing on a wooden floor.

Do not use harsh chemicals- using any kind of harsh abrasives or chemicals is absolutely not recommended on a wooden floor. Do not use any ammonia, any type of wax, oil soap, dishwashing detergent, any powdered all purpose cleaner or Endust, Pledge or any such item to clean your floor. Not only this, whichever cleaning liquid you are using, abstain from pouring it on the floor directly to stop it from seeping inside and damaging the floor.

Do not use steam mops on the floor- again, for the very same reason of not letting any sort of liquid seeping inside the floor, you must not use a steam mop or a mop which is very wet. You must try to limit the use of water, in any for, to the least degree to keep the floor safe. Not only this, the other damage that a steam mop can cause is thermally harm the floor and destroy the floor’s protective layer over time.

Do not be careless with your furniture- it is inevitable for the furniture to not pose any threat to the wooden floor. To protect your floor from getting scratches by the furniture make sure you put protective pads beneath the legs of your tables and chairs and any other furniture which is on the floor. Also, it will be great for your floor is you do not involve in any pulling and pushing of heavy furniture on the floor as it is sure to leave marks behind and tarnish the shine of the floor. Use felt pads, furniture assistance or any other additional assistance that will facilitate in the job.

Do not go without refinishing for too long- you must not wait till the damage is beyond control regarding anything and so it goes in case of your beautiful wooden floors. If you want your floor to remain shining as ever, you must undertake a refinishing project every three to five years. As soon as you start seeing wear patterns, scratches and other marks on the floor, you must understand that it is time to recoat your floor. It is mostly a one day affair depending upon the area and also is less costly than sanding or refinishing.

Do not walk with heels- as much as you may love your dainty heels, you are not allowed to walk with your heels on on the wooden floor. Your heels, especially the pumps and stilettos are pointed, and can easily become a chisel for your floor and leave marks and cause dents on the woodwork, making it look worn out and untidy.

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