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Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence Based

Obesity is a serious disorder that bothers a considerable number of modern people. Apart from this, losing weight is becoming a popular tendency that makes people workout, keep to a diet and take pills. However, striving to really lose weight and keep fit, a person should select effective, healthy and evidence-based methods. Over the years, scientists have specified and patients proved several weight loss strategies that really work. Thus, people who strive to look better and be healthier should not use the cut and try the method to find ultimate ways to weight loss; instead, they can use the experience of previous generations and take the advantage of evidence-based tips.

Top 20 Ways to Reduce Weight and Stay Healthy

The main task of any person who wants to lose excess weight is to achieve the final goal and preserve health. Therefore, the main principle of any strategy is eating, sleeping and exercising right. The modern market is filled with hundreds and thousands of healthy recipes for weight loss that will help you to not just burn belly fat, but feel the ease and decrease unhealthy cravings. So, opt for a perfect eating plan that suits your lifestyle and daily activities, select an individual training plan and learn new tips on how to lose weight and keep the results:

  • Drink plenty of water. It is widely known that over 60% of human body is water. It means that water takes an active part in important body processes and functions. Drinking it can not just aid the weight loss process, but promote healthy metabolism and burn off some calories in an hour. The results of numerous studies have proven that drinking half a liter of water before meals help to consume fewer calories and lose more weight.
  • Healthy egg breakfast recipes are an inevitable thing for a dieter. You may get tired of eating simply boiled eggs in the morning, so it’s better to investigate some healthy egg recipes to diversify your choice. Anyway, eggs have a range of advantageous components that have a favorable influence on the human organism. Following the conclusions of specific studies, replacing traditional grain-based breakfast with eggs decreases the number of calories you take and helps to decrease body fat, thus, aids losing weight. Besides, it is important to remember about eggs as the source of protein, which is inevitable for body energy.
  • Replace usual drinks with green tea. This drink has numerous benefits, especially during the weight loss process. First and foremost, it contains a small caffeine amount but is loaded with catechins, powerful oxidants that increase fat burning. Consequently, green tea may be a good addition to the list of healthy drinks for effective weight loss.

  • Drink black coffee. Similar to green tea, coffee features an unlimited number of antioxidants that promote several health benefits. They are known to speed up metabolism and enhance the fat burning effect. Do not add sugar or similar high-calorie components to avoid negative outcomes.
  • Try a low-carb diet. Striving to achieve the maximal results within minimal time, you can use the advantages of a low-carb diet. According to the results of the research, a significant decrease of carb use can speed up weight loss up to 2-3 times.
  • Reduce the consumption of added sugar. Added sugar is one of the most dangerous and unhealthy products in the modern market. High sugar consumption is related to the increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disorders, and obesity. Consequently, the decrease in its consumption is not only the way to an effective weight loss but also a good method to improve the current health state.
  • Less refined carbs as the key to weight loss. White bread and pasta are the most known and widely used examples of refined carbohydrates. These products feature a high concentration of grains and sugar that can spike blood sugar and lead to cravings, hunger, and similar symptoms. Eating many refined carbohydrates is associated with obesity and weight loss problems.
  • Count calories. This is one of the most effective and approved ways to lose weight. Over the years, portion control has been a perfect way to lose excess calories and forget about obesity. Besides, counting calories may be useful as it not only enhances your awareness but also serves a perfect encouragement and stimulation for further actions.
  • Take probiotic supplements. Following the results of several medical tests, probiotic supplements are pretty useful, especially the ones that contain Lactobacillus subfamily. These bacteria help burn fat and reduce fat mass in the body. As a result, it is a great supplement to promote a weight loss effect.
  • Try intermittent fasting as a new experience. To put it simply, intermittent fasting is an effective and continuous calorie restriction. Basically, it is an eating pattern that gains wide popularity, as it is associated with alternation of eating and fasting. There are several risks related to the decrease the muscle mass loss, though they have not been clinically approved yet.
  • Search for healthy snacks recipes. Snacks are inevitable parts of the daily ratio, as you take them in-between the meals in order to stay full. People who aim at losing weight should not neglect healthy snacks, as even little cheating can cause big problems. Find the recipes of healthy snacks, cook them, or purchase some to have them at hand every time you need. Hard-boiled eggs, whole fruits, baby carrots, and nuts are the components of the most useful and healthy snacks.
  • Take necessary and useful supplements. Glucomannan is the fiber that has been linked to weight reduction by the results of numerous studies. This exact type of fiber works absorbing water and ceasing the feeling of hunger for longer. Following the statistics, people who take glucomannan supplement lose weight faster than those who don’t.
  • Eat hot and spicy food. It may sound unusual or even strange, but in fact, spicy food can be useful for those, who are aimed at losing weight. Chili peppers, for instance, contain capsaicin, the ingredient that promotes the metabolism and decreases appetite. It is important to diversify spices, as some of them may develop tolerance in the organism, eliminating long-term effects.
  • Don’t forget about fruits and vegetables. Traditionally, fresh vegetables and fruits contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper body functioning. Moreover, they are effective weight loss elements, as they contain a limited number of calories but are rich in fiber. Besides, they have high water concentration, which helps them to produce the energy necessary for body functioning. The dieter also should not forget that these products are ultimately nutritious, so necessary not only for the weight loss process but for the general health state.
  • Take healthy protein to keep the body going. According to the results of recent researches, a high-protein diet helps to speed up the metabolism up to 100 calories a day. It means taking products rich in protein can help decrease excess weight and achieve the desired results. Adding healthy proteins to your daily menu can help you achieve the desired weight reduction with minimal effort.
  • Use your spare time for workouts. While healthy eating is inevitable for fast and effective weight loss, aerobic and resistance exercises are necessary for proper body functioning. Cardio training can help to burn calories and enhance your physical and psychological health. Keep in mind that alternating cardio exercises with lifting weights helps to hold the level of metabolism high and warn the muscle mass loss.
  • Investigate on the recipes of healthy green smoothies as a beneficial detox method. This is one of the innovative ways to decrease your body fat and stay healthy. Smoothies containing green fruits and vegetables help to clear the organism from unhealthy elements and dangerous components. Check a range of simple and easy-to-make smoothie recipes you can use every day.

  • Chew slowly. Eating is a complicated process that is connected not only with your mouth or stomach functioning. It is also related to brain processes. Thoroughly chewing your food, you promote brain awareness of food consumption. As a result, you may take fewer calories and enhance the production of hormones associated with weight loss.
  • No diets but healthy eating habits instead. Temporary dieting may be effective, but its results may be as temporary as it is. Thus, forget about strict diets and eating plans that limit all your favorite products. Instead, replace unhealthy foods with alternative products and make healthy eating your lifetime habit.
  • Good sleep is the way to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight loss process. While good sleep is frequently underrated, it is not less important as exercising or healthy eating. The results of studies show that people, who sleep badly on a daily basis are in the risk group for the development of obesity.