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Vegan And Delicious: “Pulled Pork” Sandwich

This may seem like just another vegan sandwich, but we guarantee this is a unique one. That thing that looks like pulled pork is actually banana peels. Yes, you’re reading this right, this is actually a banana peel sandwich that looks just like a pulled pork sandwich.

The recipe was posted by a vegan food blogger called “The Stingy Vegan” and it received a lot of comments online.

How does it work? The process is super easy. All you need to do is grab the peel and scrape the sides of the peel to get off all of the soft stuff off. Use a fork to turn the peels into shreds.

Add your favorite spices or sauce. Mix well. The blogger explains that the best way to make them taste like pull pork is to use pulled pork spice mix and some barbecue sauce. Fry the shredded bananas and make your sandwich.

If you find this cooking technique weird, this is not the first time that people use fruits for meat replacement. Jackfruits has been a really popular meat replacement for pulled pork style sandwiches.

This isn’t something new, people have been using banana peels for cooking for years.

Since the blogger published her her recipe, she’s received mixed response. Some people really hate the recipe and there are some who tried it, and loved it.

Would you try this sandwich?