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Useful Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Travelling is a common activity for many eager vacationers whether it is by road, rail, sea or air. But travelling doesn’t always come with rest and relaxation, especially for mothers caring that care for their infant children before they reach their destined travel spot.

Toddlers can easily throw a fit for the most miniscule of things and that can become worrisome for mothers that personally go through such things. Worry not! We’ve anticipated such a situation and have taken the liberty of putting together a very useful resource for troubled mothers that can assist them in their dire predicament.

  1. Pack Some Eats for the Trip

When babies get hungry, they weep as if it’s the end of the world. So be sure to pack some good and durable for the young ones when their feeding time comes up. Also remember to bring your baby’s water bottle or sippy cup – this is very useful to relieve air pressure during take-off and landing.

  1. Book the Shortest Route

The quicker you get to your destination, the less likely you will be dealing with your toddler’s constant bawling. What you want to do is to book flights with the shortest flight or routes and Kayak.com is just the website to help you out.

  1. Avoid Vaccination Right Before Flying

It is vastly important to protect the skin of baby while travelling from diaper blowouts, rashes and fevers, all of which are due to routine vaccinations. So instead, try booking your baby’s vaccination appointment so sooner than a week before travelling to avoid such dilemmas.

  1. Book a Flight at Naptime

One of the best times to travel with your infant child is when they sleep for the whole trip. Hence, try booking your flight to ensure it coincides with your child’s usual naptime.

  1. Bring Lots of Extra Diapers and Clothes

Stock up on extra clothes for your baby, especially if you’re travelling by plane. Be sure to dress your infant in layers that can be removed if your child gets too hot or back on if they get too cold. Also ensure to pack extra diapers for potential messes and keep them close with you.

  1. Bring your Child’s Favorite Things to Play With

Keep your kid entertained and occupied with some of their favorite toys so long as you get the ones with soft edges and nothing sharp especially if there is turbulence. It can also give you a peace of mind as they are occupied with their playtime.

  1. Help Your Child Sleep Better With Their Favorite Things

Whether it is a favorite toy, a doll, blanket, a pillow or even a pacifier, you have to make your toddler as cozy and comfortable as you have to, especially while they’re about to sleep. Bring items that your child mostly associates with during their sleep instead of having them gulp down bad-tasting medicine that will trigger their waterfalls of sadness to no end.

  1. Load Up Other Fun Items

Toys and snacks are dandy, but your child needs other outlets to channel their unbridled joy and amusement. In this case, go big with mobile apps and games, a DVD or USB that has their favorite TV show or movie, coloring or storybooks. Try picking up some interesting activities and facilities native to the place you’re visiting, while also ensuring they are both fun and memorable.

  1. Bring a Bucket

If your child is likely to develop motion sickness or stomach flu, it would behoove you to bring a bucket just in case. It might seem weird to other passengers whom you’re travelling with by road, air, rail or sea, but it’s for the sake of helping your ailing ward. Even a cute plastic beach pail can do the job for you.

  1. Book Night Flight and Take a Big Scarf With You

Night flights are essential to travel while your toddler catches up on their Zs and you as well. But carrying a big scarf with you is necessary in case your flight ends at broad daylight or bright plane lights that could wake your little tyke from their slumber.

  1. Don’t Take Trips That are Longer than 6 Hours

Sitting in one place for elongated periods is pretty unhealthy for both children and adults alike. If you’re driving, be sure to plan for safe and public stops along the way. Commit to prior research and look up well-lit restaurants, rest-stops or malls just to help you stretch out and that your baby isn’t cooped up constantly.

  1. Always Stay Close to Your Child

This one is an obvious no-brainer but if you’re a working mother and have clients on the phone you need to talk to, at least ensure that your husband is there to cover for you in your brief absence. But you are everything to your child, their guardian and their life and they’d start weeping hard if you’re not there for them.

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