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Unusual Looking Puppy Gets Adopted by a Family

Many dogs aren’t lucky enough to get adopted and it’s even harder for disfigured animals. When 10-weeks old Lisa arrived at the Humane Society Of Silicon Valley with inflamed eyelids and scars on her face, the staff wasn’t sure if she would ever get adopted. A few days later, the Doblar family visited the shelter and fell in love with Lisa. The family decided to make Lisa a part of their family and they even gave her a new name – Lucky. She’s truly lucky for finding a home!

“My girls were freaking out the whole time that somebody else was going to take her. She’s pretty funky looking [but she] has a wonderful, sparkling personality. The fact that she was going to each of us, and just as loving and exuberant with everyone she greeted… we looked at a few more dogs but nobody could compare to that,” explained Christine Doblar.

Take a look at this unusual looking puppy and her new family!








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