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A Heartbreaking Video: Rescuing the Puppy with Sawn off Leg

Be prepared to be heartbroken when you start to watch this video. This is the story of an abused puppy that was thrown in a river in Los Angeles. Volunteers from the organization „Hope For Paws“ took out the scared, little puppy out of the river and they documented its recovery in this 3 minute video. The puppy, that was later named Jordan, was rushed to the veterinary office. Jordan was starved and he suffered from serious infections and skin diseases. Vets said it’s a true miracle Jordan survived in the river. After a few days spent in the veterinarian office, Jordan had a leg operation.


Today Jordan is a happy and playful dog that is looking for a permanent home. His miraculous recovery is a proof that we shouldn’t give up hope even in the toughest situations.

“Even though Jordan lost his leg, he never lost hope.”


Take a look at the heartbreaking video telling Jordan’s story!