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Two Butt Enhancements To Keep An Eye On

Curvy figures are all the rage right now and have been for some time, actually. It’s now thanks to body positivity and the mentality of feeling good in your own body that curvy figures are getting the appreciation that they truly deserve. It’s good to feel comfortable in how you look and finding ways of etching the way to your ideal, perfect image.

As popular as curvy figures are they are not always attainable. We are all built differently and some things are just beyond our control. Sure you can put a lot of effort into doing all the right exercises and following strict dietary regimens to get the perfect curvy figure but this is not an option for everyone. Some people have neither the time nor the energy to spare hours at the gym and shopping for the ideal ingredients. That is why treatments like Sculptra butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift are so popular these days.

You can find them all over the country but among the most experienced practitioners who have a lot of experience with curve enhancements are those located in NYC. Cosmetic centers like MiracleFace Medspa, for example, have spent years treating their patients and have produced some truly amazing results.

Sculptra Injections

When it comes to injecting a bit of extra volume into the posterior, few treatments match the effectiveness of Sculptra. It is a one-of-a-kind treatment that is capable of much more than most initially believe.

While it does share some similarities with facial dermal filler treatments, it has a few aspects that differentiate it from the common face lift. The compound is somewhat similar in the way it works. For example, much like facial fillers, it is able to lift up the butt and give it more volume when injected into key areas of the gluteal region.

This functions similarly to the dermal filler hyaluronic acid-based compound which expands when it comes into contact with the moisture under the skin. As it expands it lifts the skin and gives the face more volume. This is somewhat similar to Sculptra, though there are some fundamental differences if you ask a professional practitioner.

Upon initial injection, the polylactic molecules that Sculptra is made from boost the volume of the buttocks and make them look more rounded. This is what most patients see at first and it is a really satisfying sensation to see the subdermal implant work so well. However, this first increase in volume is not permanent and this is what catches a lot of patients off guard. While the added volume is great, this is nowhere near the extent of the compound’s full capabilities.

After the dermal filler is degraded it promotes collagen production in that area of the body. Collagen is a type of protein responsible for the structural integrity of your body. These new collagen strands will then replace the compound and keep the posterior looking full even after the compound has been entirely dissolved. You can check out this site for additional helpful resources on how Sculptra interacts with your body to create a much needed volume in your butt.

So while the initial increase in volume disappears, the treatment continues to work its magic and will keep the buttocks looking rounded and voluminous for years to come. Yes, years, because with the natural collagen strands replacing the PLLA molecules the added volume can last up to two years. This means after getting treated with Sculptra once you will not have to go in for another injection for up to two years and will have gorgeous curves all throughout that time.

Sculptra is well worth its price and has proven to be one of the best curve enhancement in the beauty industry.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Then there’s the Brazilian butt lift which can also enhance curves but it uses an entirely different method; one that may surprise you at how it works. First and foremost: the name. It is not exactly known where this name comes from and most people wrongly assume that it refers to the fact that Brazilians are famously known for their curvy figures.

But this is not exactly the case and some argue that the treatment gets its name because the first practitioner to have performed it was a Brazilian doctor. Regardless of its unusual name, however, the procedure itself is even more interesting to learn about.

Why are some people curvier than others and why is it that over time, people with a curvy figure lose their curviness with age? Curves and volume are all made possible thanks to little pockets of fat which lift up the skin in key areas and keep that area of the body voluminous. As time passes these pockets of fat slowly shrink and as a result, the skin becomes loose and the curves turn to saggy skin.

So, the task at hand is to replace the lost pockets of fat with other kinds of fat. Luckily, there is a place that has plenty of excess pockets of fat which can be injected into the posterior to lift it up. These places are all over your own body. People with excess fat in their waist, thighs, and stomach have the perfect opportunity to transplant the fat in these areas to the buttocks.

This comes with a few benefits. First, there is a lower risk of allergic reactions since all you are doing is taking your own body fat and injecting it back into other areas of your body. There are no artificial chemicals involved so the risk of allergic reactions or severe side effects is quite low. Additionally, the treatment is minimally invasive since it does very little damage to the body. Only the injection sites may see a little bruising but these disappear on their own in no time.

And with that, you can have a bigger, curvier butt without having to rely on artificial compounds. Using your own body’s resources for its benefit is a common method in many modern cosmetic treatments and the BBL is no exception.