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Top 5 Feminine Clothing Items

Everyone has their own notion of feminine style. I always thought that skirts and dresses are the best way to showcase a girl’s feminine side and always come across as elegant. As time went by, I appended that list with three extra pieces for a graceful, delicate look any distinguished, stylish lady should have in her wardrobe.

Classic cardigan


With or without buttons, this Coco-Chanel-inspired piece is extremely versatile and can be easily combined with skirts and cocktail dresses for a foolproof feminine look.

For instance, you can match a chic animal print cardigan with a black pencil skirt and some sleek pumps. Add a pearly necklace to the equation and you have a statement look you can wear to work or to a business dinner. Make sure you stick with the polka dots and girly patterns for daily outfits and leave the solids and ruffled blouses for special occasions.

Pencil skirt


A masterfully tailored pencil skirt is bound to enhance your curves and slim your silhouette. If you’re carrying more weight in the upper body (apple shape), you should opt for unadorned, monochrome tops and go for textured or funky-colored bottoms to create an illusion of a curve.

However, if you have a sturdy bottom part (pear/hourglass shape), favor solids for the skirt and shift attention to the upper body with elegant, patterned (floral, etc.) blouses. You can wear neutrals for an all-day work-to-party transition, and keep it light and girly over the weekend with oversized sweaters and slip-on sneakers.

Lacy dress


Lacy dress is the little black dress of today’s fashion, a sassy but effective piece you can wear to a glam evening venue or in a professional setting. If you’re out of ideas on what to wear to a romantic date night, a bold-colored lacy mini dress will make you look stylish and girly. This is a perfect youthful and flirty solution for the petite ladies with a rectangular body shape, like singer Britney Spears.

Similarly, if you’re going to a fancy cocktail party, a rustling froufrou design is a no-brainer. Round off this sophisticated look by matching it with pointy heels and a luxurious coat. On the other hand, elegant lace dresses are not only reserved for the gala events. The proof is a designer Victoria Beckham, who wore an all-black, long-sleeved model on the way to her office. The key to pulling off this design during daytime is sticking to knee-length bottoms, demure neckline and minimal accessories.

High heels


Nothing elongates our legs and tightens our glutes quite like a good stiletto shoe, so it’s no wonder this is one of the favorite items in the woman’s closet. Pick a trendy version of black, polished stilettos for business gatherings, but don some hot statement heels for the crazy summer nights out. Apart from these two, a pair of beige strappy sandals is a perfect wild card for a variety of occasions throughout the year.

Quality, well-structured coat


Whether you’re a fan of the old Hollywood movies or not, you can’t deny the gorgeous outfits stars sported in them. Actress Doris Day wore a series of luxury cape coats in her signature “Pillow talk” that are sure to make a great impression in any situation. Put on a quality, well-structured coat and a pair of riding boots to add a sophisticated finish to your warm and baggy winter outfits.

If you want to shape your style in a more classic, feminine manner, you should definitely include these five items in your regular attire rounds. A clever combination of sleek lines, quality materials and custom fits are sure to come across as ladylike and chic.