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Top 4 Tips for a Lasting Relationship with a Christian

Of all the people out there, you had to go and fall in love with a devout Christian. There is no denying that the heart wants what it wants, and if you’re used to banker dating you definitely want to read on and find out how to cultivate a lasting relationship with a Christian. Christian loving is all about finding the right balance between enjoying everything that life in the 21st century has to offer and maintaining Christian values that keep you grounded. Below, we offer our top 3 tips to make a relationship with him work so much so that you wouldn’t know how to live your life other than as a Christian yourself.

#1: Acceptance Goes a Long Way

Christians are very accepting people, and believe God has a purpose for everyone. Learning to be accepting of people and things will make him appreciate you even more, so the very first thing you need to do is let go of all the judgment still harboured in your heart. Judging people is poisonous and it serves absolutely no purpose. A Christian could never be happy next to a cynical, judgmental person who finds fault with everyone and everything. In other words, be happy with what you have and respectful of other people’s choices and beliefs if you want a Christian to feel at home in your company.

#2: Volunteer Your Time

Helping others is a big deal in Christianity and if you want to win his heart for good, suggest volunteering together at your local homeless shelter. Giving instead of receiving is something Christians take great pride in, so be prepared to give away your fortune and time. This isn’t to say you should go broke to impress him, but never forget to donate used clothing, play dominos with the seniors in your community, volunteer at the hospital or help the needy in every way you can. If you do this from the heart, your Christian partner won’t have any other choice but to stay glued to your side forever.

#3: Don’t Waste Anything

Modesty is a virtue Christians are particularly fond of, and they don’t like arrogance in any way. In other words, excessive spending, bragging or putting others down to make yourself feel better are absolutely out of the question. If you have a thing for pricey jewellery, posh vacations or expensive cars, you run the risk of looking too much like a consumer in his eyes. Instead, you want to save water, not waste any food, purchase used clothing or clothing made of recyclable materials, bike everywhere you can, and reduce consumption and waste because you care about the people around you, not just yourself.

#4: Let Him Practice His Religion

As you’ve probably noticed, you don’t necessarily have to be a Christian yourself to make a relationship with him work. You just have to have the same values and lead a similar kind of lifestyle. At the same time, you need to allow him his time and space to practice his religion. If he likes to go to church, talk to his priest on a regular basis, or suggest churchgoing to others – let him. He might or might not want you to join him, but regardless of what you do, don’t interfere with his time and energy spent on practicing his religion. Respect his devotion, join him in his church activities if you want, or stay behind to support him. He’ll see this as an act of love especially if you’re not particularly interested in attending a Sunday service every single weekend.