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Top 10 Jewelry Trends for Summer 2014

Jewelry has transforming power. Even the simplest outfit can experience transformation and every style can turn in outfit worthy of admiration with a few carefully chosen pieces of jewelry.

Do not forget your special jewelry box. During hot summer days, you can stun wearing distinctive jewelry inspired by the lately fashion trends.

Modern Pearls


Pearl jewelry is a classic symbol of elegance. The famous fashion houses such as Chanel and Dior are using the pearl jewelry as untimely fashion details which has rapidly more and more fans. When it comes to modern pearls, their size is very important. The bigger pearls or a splendid mix of pearls in different sizes is the trend for this summer. The fashion designer obsession with pearls went so far that you can find pearls even on the framework of the sunglasses or the chic sneakers.

Pink Gold


Jewelry with a golden glow has reached the top in popularity, but also the pink gold captivates with a delicate glow. The jewelry with delicate gold and rose-gold shades shine in the sunlight and point out  your bronze tan and definitely deserve a place in your accessories collection for summer 2014.

C-shaped Earrings 


Last year this earrings were a fashion challenge for brave girls, and now, they have an important place among the trends. The earrings that follow the contour of the ear signal for rebel bravery and charm. You can wear C-shaped earrings when your hair is collected or when you wear it partly on the side.

Plenty of Rings


Rings in the past fashion trends were streaked in the lower part of the fingers, but now you can string up along the finger, even on the nails. Do not hesitate on wearing many rings along attractive combinations.

Back Jewelry


The hot weather requires a lighter clothes to undress the body. Without hesitation, cover your neckline and bare your back and decorate it with your favorite piece of jewelry. A gentle necklaces are perfect for the summer trend, just let them hang behind you.

Green Luxury Jewelry  


For this summer, keep in mind the color of the precious emerald.  The green jewelry has the great place among the fashion trends.

Double sided earrings


Modern earrings have two faces. Recently, more jewelry designers are making an effort to make the  earrings look just as attractive as in back and front. The pearl earrings by Dior have different size  and color, and they are a real fashion trend.

Body Chains


The body chains are timidly finding their way through the trends, and this season they are worth your attention.  You can wear it over the clothes, and the option is to wear on the beach with a bikini.

Massive Necklace


When choosing a necklace, let them dominate your look. For the past several seasons, the neck jewelry is massive and often takes center place in the creation of fashion combinations.

+Massive Watches


Choose unisex watch for this summer, because the massive watches that are typical for men are also trendy for women. Along the “manly” watch, put some gentler bracelets.