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Titanium Wedding Rings: Proper Care for these Sturdy Bands of Love!

Dos and Don’ts to Preserve the Luster of Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium wedding rings and engagement rings are some of the strongest bands available in the market today. Apart from the strength of this material, titanium and engagement rings have an appealing luster to it – coupled with the wide array of custom designs that can be handcrafted into it. Being the hardier than steel, do titanium wedding rings and engagement rings require care just like other pieces of jewelry?

Why Choose Titanium Wedding Rings or Engagement Rings

Titanium rings are one of the most preferred wedding rings around the world. The main reason for this is the materials long-lasting nature which translates to equally sturdy wedding rings. Since the material very resistant to corrosion and very hard to deform, engravings on titanium wedding rings will last a lot longer when compared to wedding rings made of softer metals like gold and silver. Another reason that makes titanium a good choice for wedding rings is the fact that it looks far more expensive than what it is really worth. Some titanium wedding rings at love2have.co.uk even retails at less than $100 – talk about value!

But it’s not just the strength and price that makes titanium a good option for a wedding ring. The aesthetics of this metal is truly appealing. Add a custom engraving to it and you have unique wedding rings that only you and your partner will have!

How to Take Care of Your Titanium Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Though titanium has a very appealing luster, it is very easy to lose its luster if the wedding rings or engagement rings gets covered in oil and dirt. Cleaning titanium wedding rings is actually quite easy. Mild dishwashing soap can easily remove any dirt or grease build up on your titanium wedding rings. Wash and dry your titanium wedding rings with lint free cloth – you wouldn’t want cloth fiber covering the luster of your ring.

Using cream metal polish is sure to bring out the shine of your titanium wedding rings or engagement rings! Regularly cleaning and polishing titanium engagement and wedding rings is sure to keep its luster as dazzling as the day you bought it.

Protect your titanium wedding rings and engagement rings by removing it during activities that may expose it to abrasion or hard knocks. So wearing a ring while gardening, playing sports, going to the gym, moving furniture or something similar is to be avoided.

Don’ts for a Well-Maintained Titanium Wedding Ring

  • Don’t Wear your Ring when Operating Machinery

Though it can be easily removed by any equipped emergency room, accidents involving titanium wedding rings or engagement rings that can’t be removed will result to permanently damaging the ring. So to avoid such, do not wear titanium wedding rings or engagement rings when operating any machinery. Avoid wearing your wedding rings too when exercising or playing sports (similar to what you would do for other wedding rings).

  • Don’t Expose Titanium to Abrasive Materials

Though very sturdy and scratch resistant, over time, titanium wedding rings will get scratched. To avoid this, simply avoid exposing your wedding rings to sand or other materials made up of steel.