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7 Exercises That Will Tighten Your Legs and Butt Without Going to the Gym

Everyone wants to be healthy and have a toned body, but not everyone has the time to visit the gym on a daily basis. Do not get discouraged because you can have the toned body of your dreams without leaving your home.

Here are the best 6 exercises that will help you tighten your butt and legs without going to the gym:

1. Spiderman Pose

Get in to a high plank position with your arms straight. Bring your right knee to your right elbow without lifting your hips. Get back into starting position and then repeat the same with your left leg.

2. Skater

Stand straight, jump to your right side and land on your right leg. Jump to your right one more time and then do 2 jumps to the left. Increase the speed while alternating the jumps.

3. Star Jump

Stand straight with your feet together and arms at sides. Bend your knees while trying to send your hips back. Get into a half-squat. Make a sharp jump while spreading your legs and arms in a star shape. Land carefully and get back into starting position.

4. The Camel Pose

Grab a chair and sit down in front of it, with your back to it. Bend your knees and put your hands on the chair handles. Straighten your shoulders and push your chest forward, while keeping your head back. Strain your belly, buttocks and thigh muscles. Stay in the position for a couple of seconds and get back into starting position.

5. The Frog Pose

Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Keep your soles together and feet inward. Squeeze your glutes and start lifting your hips until your body is in one straight line from the neck all the way to the knees. Strain your glutes as much as possible and then get back into starting position.

6. Hip Thrust

Place your upper body on a couch. The lower part of your shoulder blades should be resting on the edge of the surface. Your knees and chest should be making one straight line. Bend your knees, drop your butt and push the heels and butt to lift the hips back into starting position.

7. Bulgarian Split Squats

Stand in front of a bench and place your left leg on it. Bend your left knee while squating. Push off from the floor with your right foot heels and get back into starting position. Do the same with the left leg.

Do 12 repetitions for each set of exercises. Do this workout every day!