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Tips on How to Dress Modestly and Still Look Attractive

Women may choose to dress modestly for many different reasons. It could be religious, professionally inclined, or just out of preference. However, you may feel a little lost as to how you can be modest yet fashionable. While you do not want to dress like a supermodel, it is important that you feel confident even when you are covered up. A bit of creativity with your closet as you shop for your modest fashion clothes can help you take your clothing from drab to fab.

Here are a few styling tricks that can help you achieve a modest and chic appearance:

  • Add a Touch of Creativity with your Scarves

Scarves are exceptional accompanying accessories that add finesse to any outfit and can be worn in many unique ways. Some people are not enthusiastic about wearing scarves because they are unsure about how to style them. But they can make your dressing appear chicer, adding a splash of color and elegance to your outfit. Patterned or chiffon scarves, for instance, are fantastic for add a touch of brightness on a dark color scheme.

  • Clothing that Flatter Your Body Shape

Every woman has a fantastic body shape. But if your wears don’t flatter your body shape, it would hardly attract any attention. You can ensure your clothes fit your gorgeous body shape by choosing clothes that not only cover up your body, but make your feel comfortable and confident. Everyone will easily notice how beautiful you are.

  • Avoid a Frumpy Appearance

Modest fashion does not mean frumpy. You do not need to completely hide all of your gorgeous features to be modest. Fitted clothing pieces that lightly blend with your curves would do a great job on you – and this does not mean “skin tight”. A well outlined fitted clothing piece will make you look well-put-together as it brushes against your body’s natural contours.

  • Know the Colors that Flatter You

Do you know the colors that add finesse to your look? That flatter you? Wearing clothing that fits your skin tone and even your eye color can be an excellent way to attract positive attention to your modest wear. No matter how much skin you decide to conceal, you would look amazing because you know your colors and you wear them with confidence. With a little bit of experiment, you can stand out as beautiful yet modest.

  • Learn How to Layer

Layering is a great way to ensure a blend of modesty and chic appeal. The biggest models and fashion celebrities are often pictured wearing layered clothing. So take your time to play around with the items in your closet. You could wear an oversized shirt or blazer over a summer wear. Or wear a long tank top under a revealing tank. When it comes to layering, scarves are another must-have fashion item, so you can combine them with your favorite wears to see what works best.

  • Accessories

Necklaces and earrings adorn your beautiful face and add luster to your outfit, but it would not be ideal to limit your clothing to jewelry only. Chic scarves, wear hairpieces, and hats not only attract the right attention, but help to add a unique finish to your dressing. Even if you are stepping out in pants and a black long sleeve top, you can add accessories that ensure your modesty and make you confident in your outfit.

  • Put on those Classy Heels

High heels do not always have to be worn with shorts or short skirts to get the feel of class and elegance. Heels make you appear taller and can boost your confidence. So do not limit yourself with your modest attire. Wear your favorite heels as they can give your outfit a more polished and clean look. Black heels, for instance, can work with virtually any outfit while colored heels can help you make a unique fashion statement. Heels also go with anything from trousers, jeans, and long skirts. With your legs covered up, you’d definitely attract people’s attention to your favorite heels.

  • Find a Fashion Icon

Finding a fashion icon you could draw inspiration from can help you achieve the chic look with your modest outfit. Whether you are a forty-year old or you are in your early 20s, a fashion role model from the past can help you attract the right attention to your modest wear, and give you the confidence to accept your closet choices. Luckily, modest fashion is increasingly becoming acceptable, so there is nothing to be ashamed of with your preferences.

  • Jean Jacket

Investing in a good jacket will help you achieve a modest yet elegant feel with your modest wear. This is because you can incorporate it into many outfits. You can wear your jean jacket with a maxi dress; add a belt to the dress, then some splash of color with a scarf, or you could go simple with a beautiful necklace.

  • Cardigans

A cardigan or sweater is another necessary fashion item for a modest closet. They can be used for a bit more coverage to your top or dress, depending on your fashion preferences. Pair them with your day dresses to achieve an amazing and super cute look.

Remember that fashion is about your expression, confidence in what you wear, and your enjoyment. So it would be ideal that you have as much fun as you can with your clothing and ensure it works for you.