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Things you Must Know About your Cervix

It may be the case that you will remain deprived of getting the view of your own cervix all through your life, but that not at mean that you need to stay unaware about the weird yet wonderful things about it. We all know where the cervix position is but there are many more things to know about it. We are sharing some of them to keep you updated about the cervix you have in your body. Scroll down to know about it:

  1. Cervix is your womb’s neck:  The cervix is basically the neck of the womb which sits right above your vagina and right below your womb. The word cervix had its origin in Latin and it means ‘neck of the womb’.
  2. Cervix is the area which creates mucus: Vaginal discharge is a subject regarding which we very less talk and that’s the reason many don’t know that it is responsible for producing mucus. Yes, your cervix is producing mucus that keeps changing its consistency during the period of your menstrual cycle.  Well such changes happen to either prevent or to encourage the chance of pregnancy.
  3. Cervix helps in flowing out the menstrual blood: At time of period, the cervix opens up in small amount in order to give scope to allow blood to flow out right from the womb towards the vagina.
  4. Cervix acts as a seal: Heard about cervical mucus plug? It forms right inside the cervix at time of pregnancy in order to protect your womb as well as the growing baby from attack of bacteria or any viruses. When your body will be ready for labour the cervix starts getting soften and then open ups slowly for making the release of the mucus plug.
  5. It can promote or discourage getting pregnant: Your level of hormone changes at time of menstrual cycle.  When there is higher level of oestrogen it turns the mucus formed by the cervix bit thinner, in order to allow the sperm of your partner at time of intercourse to pass easily to your womb. In other time when the level of hormone progesterone remains high, it will turn the mucus thick and highly acidic. This will prevent you from getting pregnancy.
  6. The look of cervix changes with growing age: After achieving the age of menopause the ovaries will slowly and steadily stop the production of hormones oestrogen and progesterone.  It means your cervix will no more be able to produce the required amount of mucus and that may create vaginal dryness.
  7. Cervix look like a doughnut: One weird yet interesting fact about cervix is that it’s thick and in round shape having a hole right in the middle. It is very similar to the look of one of your favorite snack.

There are many other things which are unknown about cervix position. If you are wondering how you will know about the other secrets of cervix and facts related to it, then we recommend you to get in touch with your gynecologist. He/she will help you to know more about it in detail.