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Things To Remember While Traveling With Your Cat In An RV

So, vacation time is spreading its wings in the exotic weather of summer. Are you planning to explore and enjoy these holidays with your cat? This experience will not only give you inner contentment but will also strengthen your bond with your pet. Often, we fail to spend quality time with our domesticated animals and thus, going on a vacation with them could be the best way of showing your unconditional affection to them.

It is so amazing to go rving with cats and dogs, however, few things must be considered in order to have a memorable experience. So, let’s get started.

●      Your cat’s sleeping arrangement

Your pet requires more sleep than you so that they can be comfortable in the recreational van while traveling. Thus, you must be available with a number of options where your cat can doze off at any point of the day. So, you can get your cat settled in front of the RV or in the bedroom (if you’re okay with that).

The point is, make sure that your pet feels warm and comfortable. You can get some thermal cat bedding to provide it with additional comfort. This will make your trip even better as you don’t have to deal with an annoyed cat.

●      Your cat’s entertainment

Your cat’s interests are far different from yours. They don’t like watching the roads pass by or listening to some vacay mood music. Consequently, it’s your responsibility to arrange for your cat’s entertainment, something that could keep it engaged.

One of the most efficient options for you to go for is getting a scratching post. Cats love scratching and therefore, this will keep it busy in sharpening their claws. You can give multiple toys specially designed for cats to keep them indulged. They’ll feel at home and thus, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

●      Keep your pet’s food secured

Pet food is not very conveniently available everywhere while you’re traveling. Therefore, being a responsible owner, you must stock up on the food and water for your little baby. However, one of the major problems that people face while rving is that your pet’s food might get spoiled.

Keeping the food and water secure especially on the bumpy roads can lead to spillage. Thus, you can avoid this trauma by installing a sliding drawer under your fridge to hold your cat’s food and water. This will also keep you away from any mess.

●      Reduce the risk of losing your cat

Cats love to explore and it becomes challenging to keep them in the RV at times. Thus, it is definitely possible to lose your cat while traveling. They can find an escape hole and can leap out at any point in time. Thus, keep a strict eye on your pet while traveling, however, you must take certain restrictive measures beforehand.

To reduce this risk, always make sure that your RV is free from any such escape points or you can simply get a cat tag with your contact number written on it. You can get your cat chipped and it will be identified and returned to you if it escapes out. Keep your cat leased when you leave the RV or taking it out for a walk or something as they can go out of control anytime without warning.

●      Regulate your cat’s temperature

Often, the recreational van might have to experience extreme weather conditions. The temperature of the van differs at very high rates, this might put your cat’s life and health at risk. Try to maintain the temperature of your RV moderate. If you’re out during summers and the RV is heating up, so, ensure parking it under the shade of the tree to lower down the temperature when you stop.

However, if it’s cold, then do just the opposite and park it under the sun. Open and close the windows accordingly and this will be just perfect for your cat’s comfort. Traveling with your pets can really be easy if you follow certain guidelines and make sure that they’re happy and comfortable. If not, they can be a problem not only for you but also for your fellow travelers.