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The WOW Gift for the Stay at Home Mom

Whether it’s running playtime, cooking dinner or tackling the family finances, the stay-at-home mom have millions of jobs to do every single day. More than 11 parents in the US are staying at home and choosing to look after the kids and the house, meaning that a lot of people are in charge of making sure everything is in order before their partner comes home from work.

While they may not be going to work, stay-at-home moms work around the clock. However, they don’t get sick days or vacation days – if they don’t do their jobs, they don’t tend to get done at all.

Given that they have so much to do, it’s nice to give them a gift to show how much they are appreciated. Whether it’s an experience or something on the more personal side, a gift can go a long way.

Here are 7 gift ideas for the stay-at-home mom in your life.

1. Date Night Jar

Sometimes, all a stay-at-home mom wants to do is put the kids to bed and spend quality time with their partner. This date night jar has 52 original ideas that both you and here can enjoy. Since there are 52, there is one idea for an entire year’s worth of dates.

If you struggle to come up with ideas of your own, this can be the perfect solution. They are written on cool card stock sticks to add to the excitement. So when it’s time for the next date, ask her to close her eyes and reach for the next idea. She’ll love it!

2. Reusable Water Bottle

As we have mentioned, it’s a lot of work being a stay-at-home mom. There just never seems to be a minute free in the day. For this reason, she needs to keep herself hydrated to keep her going!

A reusable water bottle like this one from Kool8 is ideal. She’ll appreciate the thought of keeping her healthy. Plus, they look really cool. Once she starts using it, she’ll never go back to using her previous bottle ever again.

3. Maid Service Gift Card

Give your stay-at-home mom the ultimate gift and let her take the day off. She will love having time to herself and let someone else worry about the cleaning for a change – especially if you’re too busy to help out.

Molly Maids do gift certificates at around $100 or so and they cover services like cleaning and tidying units, rooms and living areas. Whether it’s a night out with friends or just a day out by herself, give your stay-at-home time to do whatever she wants with this gift.

4. Ring Of Love Necklace

Need something that shows how much you love her? Jewellery is always a winner. But this has got to mean something. That’s why this ring of love necklace makes for a great gift for your stay-at-home mom.

This beautiful gift comes with a card that reads, “A mother’s love is infinite, with every birth and union the circle of love grows stronger,” and a labradorite stone, the gem of magic and transformation. It’s perfect for a stay-at-home mom as she is truly magical in every way and turns into whatever role is needed every single day.

5. Protein Coffee

With the amount of work they do, stay-at-home moms don’t need the gym to stay fit and healthy! They are always doing something after all. For this reason, they need something that can give them the energy to keep going. Protein coffee is the answer and there are a host of benefits to it.

Our preference is the Ultimate Nutrition range. They have a lot of flavors that taste great and the product is packed full of nutrients. 

6. Treat Box

While a box of chocolates isn’t totally original, it’s still always a great idea. Create a treat box with her favorites or put a unique twist on it. You can get a very cute treat box from Lolly & Pops. Their range of chocolates is awesome gift boxes and you can get as many as you want based on your budget.

Get the treat box gift wrapped too to give it a personalized touch. If you do want to be original, use this idea as an inspiration to find treats that you know your stay-at-home loves and build around it. 

7. Custom Star Map

This final gift is very romantic, personal and shows how much you value your stay-at-home. 

A custom star map shows how the night sky looked at a certain point in time. For your stay-at-home mom, use a date with real significance, such as the day you met her or her birthday.

You can buy a custom star map from Twinkle In Time. There is also space to write a special message underneath the map to make it even more special.