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The Ultimate Bathroom Maintenance Guide

The bathroom is where the most basic human needs can be met, but it is also a room with some complex equipment that needs regular maintenance.

The homeowner should not handle this, as plumbing repairs, if not done correctly, can lead to unnecessary expense and anxiety.

Toilets That Will Not Flush

When the water backs up in the toilet, it is time to call your plumber. You may be able to clear the blockage with a plunger temporarily, but you have not determined the cause of the problem, merely circumvented it.

Call in an experienced plumbing service that can find the cause of the problem, be that build-up in the pipes, plant roots, or any other reason. They will then be able to remove the cause, rather than the homeowner constantly having to face the unenviable task of using a plunger.

Leaking Faucets

Faucets are expensive pieces of equipment and can be remarkably complex inside. Many homeowners take the mixer to pieces believing there is a simple washer inside, but this is not always the case. Many modern faucets have complex cartridges, and calling in your plumber when the water is dripping may save replacing the entire faucet instead of the leaking component.

Low Water Pressure

If you are niggled by the idea that the water flow is not as strong as it used to be, don’t ignore your gut feeling.

Water pressure drops can be symptomatic of more significant problems such as leaking pipes. Pipes leaking into your walls can create major issues, and pipes broken underground can lead to astronomical water bills.

Call your plumber if the pressure drops and ask for the property to be checked for leaking pipes.

Drains Running Slowly

If any of your drains run slowly, the problem must be resolved before the pipe clogs up completely. Supermarkets sell drain cleaning products, but many of these are either ineffectual or horrendous for the environment.

These clogs can result from hair washed down the drain, tree roots in the pipes, or a build-up of soap scum. Instead, call in your plumbing service and ask them to clean the lines correctly.

Drain cleaning is something that should be done at least twice a year. This will keep the drains running freely and save the homeowner a great deal of anxiety.

Frozen or Dripping Pipes

Pipes that freeze in the winter can be a significant headache for the homeowner. Water expands as it freezes, so frozen pipes can result in cracked pipes or burst joints. This can lead to problems within your walls.

The EPA advises that mold in homes results from moisture. If moisture permanently leaks into the walls, mold can grow, leading to possible health problems. The constant flow of water can also damage bricks and mortar or lead to wood rot.

Dripping pipes should also be treated immediately. This type of problem can have the same result as pipes damaged from being frozen.

Final Thoughts

Owing your own home is a rewarding and comforting thought, but it does come with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to make sure that all rooms in the house are adequately maintained. Those rooms connected to your family’s health must be at the top of the maintenance list. It is not worth your while to take shortcuts with plumbing maintenance. Get all these problems dealt with by a professional plumbing service ensuring the bathrooms are kept in tip-top condition.