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The Truth About Being Pregnant in Your 40s

Many famous stars such as Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon became mothers in their 40s.

“Media often gives us the stories about celebrities who naturally conceived in their 40s and 50s, but this way they’re only giving false hope to women who have been trying for ages to conceive a baby naturally. They often come up with the question, “If Halle Berry could do it, why can’t I?”- says MD. Deborah Liberman, a fertility specialist in Sidney, Australia.


“If those women had the courage to publicly tell the truth about their pregnancies, it would be easier for ordinary women to learn that miracles can’t happen. 50% of women at the age of 42- can’t get pregnant from their own egg cells and the chances of getting pregnant the natural way at the age of 45, are close to none. Therefore, if you hear that a celebrity is pregnant in her 40s, you can be 99% sure that she has done it with in vitro or with an egg donor”- claims doctor Liberman.

Young women should also realize that getting pregnant is not that easy. The chances of a girl in her 20s getting pregnant are 20-25%. In your 30s, the chances reduce to 15%, in your 40s you have 5% chances of getting pregnant and when you’re 45, there’s only 1% chance.

So what is the biggest problem? In 1993, 23% of the new moms were in their 30s and in 2011, that percentage reached 43. The conclusion is that women often postpone having babies and that’s why they decide to get pregnant when they’re 35 years old.
What many women don’t understand is that mother-nature doesn’t play by our rules.

When it comes to the in vitro procedure, it’s an expensive procedure and the success rate is small- 6.6% in women in their 40s and 1.2% in women who are 45. The success rate doesn’t depend on the procedure itself, but rather than the quality of the eggs. Even if you have donor eggs, being pregnant in your 40s can be quite difficult.

So here’s our advice: Instead getting those expensive procedure immediately, take a long vacation with your partner. Spend more time in nature and make love all day long.