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The Health Benefits of Figure Skating

As with most sports, there is a wide range of health benefits that come with figure skating. Not only can you improve your general fitness but figure skating releases endorphins, which leave you feeling happy and calm. Here are a few health benefits of figure skating.

Strengthens Leg Muscles

One of the main health benefits of figure skating is that it will strengthen your leg muscles. When on the ice rink, you will need to turn and glide across the ice, which requires a lot of legwork. In turn, this will help develop and give you a strong lower body. Figure skating will also work almost all your major muscle groups, which will help strengthen your joints and improve your physical health.

Flexibility and Balance

If you find your leg joints are creaking each time you get out of bed, figure skating could be a perfect solution to improving your flexibility. As the sport consists of quick foot movements, your leg joints will improve significantly and ensure you receive a fantastic workout. When beginning the sport, you may find it tricky to travel across the ice, but with time you should see a massive improvement in your balance, enabling you to stay on your feet and reap all the benefits that figure skating can bring. Make sure that you look for quality womens figure skates.


To get the most out of figure skating, you will need to have high energy levels throughout your session, which can help build up your endurance. The more you skate, the more endurance you will have, which can be incredibly beneficial for other activities and sports too. If you have not found your feet right away or you are finding that figure skating may not be right for you, a little perseverance can go a long way and can change your mind.

Weight and Cardio Management

If you are looking for ways to maintain or lose some weight, figure skating can be a great way to not only have fun but also burn calories too. A typical figure skating session can see you burn between 300-650 calories, however, this will vary on how hard you skate. Another great reason to take up figure skating is that it is a fantastic cardio and aerobic workout.

Improving Mental Health

Although figure skating can bring a range of physical benefits, regular exercise can help improve your mental health and be a great stress relief. You can also build up your self-confidence which can bring you multiple benefits. Also, bringing a friend or family member along with you can give you the push you need and help you feel more relaxed. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and swapping it for the ice rink can do you the world of good and help clear your mind.

Figure skating is a popular and exhilarating exercise that can help improve your physical and mental well-being. If you are interested in taking up the sport, make sure that you research into local ice rinks near you that offer classes.

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