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8 Ways to Burn Calories Fast at Home

Burning calories is the basic way to lose weight. The food we eat contains calories of different level. These calories later transformed into fat that makes our body heavy and wide. The physical activities that we do regularly actually burn the calories but this burning is not enough for reducing fat. You need to do some extra exercises. There are two kinds of exercises that you can do, one is indoor and the other is outdoor. The indoor exercise is comprised of the workouts that we do at home.

Here we talked about 8 different and effective ways to burn your calories fast staying at home.

1. Pump the Metal

Only lifting weight doesn’t burn much calories, but if it is added with cardio than it gives a better result. Higher metabolism means higher calories burning ability. The combination of weight lifting and cardio exercise helps increase the metabolism in your body. You might fear that lifting weight might make you bulky but it’s not always the case. If you do lightweight lifting it will not change the shape of your muscles. So do both cardio and pumping metal for burning calories easily.

2. Train Yourself

You have to make a combination of different exercises for the better result. Different exercises are effective for different parts of your body. The combined workout can burn up to 300 calories in a day. You can mix up a run with burpees, sprint, deadlifts and squats. These will burn calories even while you have your feet up on the couch. Go to those gyms that offer you the mix up of cardio and weight lifting. You can attend those classes that teach you different exercises.

3. Find a New Sport

Sports is something that helps in burning calories without even realizing much. Find a new sport that you can play at home and do some physical activity which will burn calories. We actually get bored with our old games that we don’t want to play anymore. A new game will keep your interest in the game. Choosing a new game doesn’t mean that you will choose the games that doesn’t need physical activity. The new games should involve physical movements, such as badminton, boxing, skipping, etc.

4. Use Indoor Machines

When you have less access of outside or there is no situation that you can go out bring some machines in your house. There are different exercising machines such as treadmill for running, rowing machine for cardio exercise, stationary bike, stair steppers, etc. Using these machines will grow your confidence and will increase the metabolism in your body. The thinner you are the increased metabolism you have. More you do exercise more your body will reduce fat and slowly burning calories will become easier.

5. Circuit Training

Using many muscles together is a good way to burn lots of calories. Circuit training actually does the same. This training doesn’t only give you physical benefit, but it helps relieve your psychological stress and ups your mood. During a circuit training it switches between the muscles and thus gives you a greater effect. You can add some aerobics with this training which will result even better.

6. Maintain a Healthy Diet

A good diet is always good for your body. Include those items in your diet that doesn’t grow fat in your body. Have more fish than red meat. Those who eat fish on a regular basis have less leptin level, which increases the metabolism in your body. Fill up your diet with different fibers such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc. that takes time to digest. It helps you to stay full for a longer period of time. Have lots of fruits and fruit juice every day.

7. Drink lots of Water

Without water we cannot survive. Water doesn’t only save your life, it also helps you burn your calories. Drinking 17 ounces of cold water within 10 minutes increases your metabolism up to 30-40% for next 30 to 40 minutes. As the metabolism increases, it burns the calories and you can burn up to 17,400 calories a year just by following the trick.

8. Have some Green Tea

Many of us don’t like green tea but it has many benefits; it helps you fight with cancer, it boosts up your metabolism. In a recent study it has been observed that who took green tea three times a day it increases their metabolism by 4%. This means you can burn around 60 calories each day by just having green tea.

There are many ways you can burn your calories, which means you can stay fit. Some ways include physical activity and some include a healthy diet. You should do some weight lifting along with your cardio exercise. Playing a game burns a lot of calories and it also relieves stress and gives us happiness. Drinking water can be a good way to increase metabolism in your body.