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The Different Types of Running Machines you Should Know About

There was a time when running meant putting the trainers on and hitting the tracks. Early mornings or late evenings used to be perfect for some fresh air and a good run. Now, the traffic, pollution and our hectic schedules make running close to impossible. So, what are the fitness enthusiasts doing these days? Have they completely given up their love for the sport? Do they just stay home praying for a clear day and do nothing at all? Of course not! Fitness enthusiasts have channeled their love for running into indoor running. Indoor running does not involve rain, snow, sun and dirt. You don’t have to depend on the elements of nature to decide your day’s exercising schedule. All you need is a trusty treadmill to support your dreams of a fit body.

Which treadmill should you get?

Bringing a treadmill home is going to be tougher than any electronic appliance purchasing decision you have made so far. A treadmill is not only significantly bigger than any machine at home has, but the sheer variety of fitness equipment makes it impossible for the fitness newbies to decide which model to buy. The new-age programmable treadmills tend to be expensive and a little complex than their mechanical ancestors. Right now, you can find at least four different types of running machines at any fitness centre or store. Before you can step inside one of these gym equipment stores and confuse yourself, let us help you find the best fit for your health necessities –

Manual treadmills

These are the most ancient type of running machines. These require no electricity, so you do not have to worry about your energy budget at all. However, working them takes a little more effort than the motorised ones. The belt only moves when the user walks or runs on the machine. One of the advantages is that the user has complete control of the movements since the belt does not budge unless the runner begins moving. You can start and stop any time you wish without looking for the pause/stop button.

They are simpler than the electronic counterparts in make and maintenance. Modern design has enabled the designing of these treadmills for the comfort of the user. They now come in ergonomic designs with cushioned handles and durable belts for running. Manual running machines are ideal for those, who have never used a treadmill before. These remain in the $100 to $300 price range. Even then they are quite expensive, and first-time users might want to utilise the opportunity to hire fitness equipment rather than invest a couple of hundreds on unknown gym machinery. Check out mechanical treadmills from a great supplier for the latest models at the best prices.

Electrical/ motorised treadmills

The electrical treadmills are usually heavier and sturdier than their mechanical counterparts. These are not typically portable, and they demand quite a bit of space at homes. So, unless you have enough space that you can dedicate to your treadmills, there is no point investing in an expensive electrical running machine. It is likely that you have seen one at your local gym. However, most commercial centres have heavy-duty versions, and the ones for home use are usually sleeker than them.

Electrical treadmills give the option of varying the incline between 6% and 40%. Many of them now come with screens or work desks. These screens can be quite large too, up to 22 inches. These screens can play anything from your favourite YouTube workout videos to playbacks of your monthly progress chart. Self-cooling monitors, video streaming options, easy touchscreen options and variable speed/resistance settings are all part of the premium electronic treadmill package. Purchasing one outright can be a difficult financial decision. It is always smarter to hire one instead of buying.

Hybrid treadmills

The hybrid treadmill designs can vary widely depending on the different features you are seeking. Most hybrids are crosses between regular treadmills, elliptical trainers and stair climbers. Some of them have exclusive features of stationary bikes as well. There are treadmills in the market that allow the user to lift weights during their walk. Hybrid treadmills are the perfect way to kick things up a notch when daily exercising tends to get boring.

Most hybrid treadmills have oversized pedals, cushioned seats, programmable LCD screens and large touchscreens for playing videos. Many advanced products come with pre-programmed workouts you should check out if you love staying on top of fitness trends. They are significantly costlier than mechanical or electrical treadmills due to the host of features available. You should try to lease one from a reputable supplier of gym and fitness equipment if you want to upgrade your existing running machine.

Medical treadmills

These are new in line, and they are definitely more complex than the traditional treadmills. The medical running machines get full points for accuracy of measuring distance, speed, heart rate, breathing, and exertion. They offer better control to the user since they are special equipment for patients with pulmonary disorders or other cardiovascular problems. You will only find them at the physician’s office or diagnostic centres. It is unlikely that you will ever need to bring one home or hire one for daily use. They are exclusively for medical and diagnostic purposes only.

Who is the winner?

The final battle comes down to the top three only. The fourth one is a proprietary design for medical use. Mechanical ones are perfect for beginners, who are up for a challenge. However, many users report feeling an excessive strain on their lower limbs from the constant use of the mechanical treadmills. Compared to them, the electrical counterparts exert less force, and you can control multiple variants of your daily workout perfectly. At the same time, if you are bored with your exercise routine, you should think about embracing a new challenge with the hybrid treadmills. They combine the goodness of ellipticals, stationary exercise bikes, stair climbers and treadmills into one. Choosing this type will allow you to explore every advantage of cardio and aerobic exercise there is!