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The dark side of some “healthy“ foods and activities!

We are giving you some examples which are based on recent researches showing that some of the foods as well and sports have their dark dimension. Namely, according to some western studies, some vitamins and even the most appreciated sport lately that is believed to be the healthiest one, the yoga, in fact are very harmful for your health.

Check it out why!?

Maybe the most surprising fact is about the vitamins. Namely, the vitamins A and E represent a treat for your health because according to some studies, they carry small risk of cancer, and heart failure because of of containing high levels of antioxidants.


Next deadly activity is the yoga. The risk here is about the movements that put much tension in the hips and other body parts which puts your body on the very edge to injury and disbalance in the function of organs, like stopping the blood flow and fold the nerves, which are serious treats for your health in long terms.


Now back to the food again. What about the brown rice?! The brown rice, actually, is rich with a carbohydrate and consuming a lot will surely increase your body fat, which can negatively affect to your heart work.


Now to the last most deadly food list, but not the least is the tastiest food according to people who really love meat, the grilled foods. The cooked meat at very high temperature, gets more fried on some sides and you can notice it by the blackened parts of the piece of meat. These kind of prepared meat increases the risk of getting a cancer.