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The best 10 foods for a healthy hair

Check this list of healthy food for healthier hair:

1. On the top of the health food list for healthy hair is salmon. Salmon is full with great amount of proteins and vitamin D which contribute for strengthening the hair. Also contain omega 3 fatty acids that make hair stronger and shinier which.


2. Walnuts. The second spot goes to the walnuts, which are the only species from the nut tree family that contains significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, they are full with biotin and vitamin E which protects the cells from DNA damage.

3. Oysters. They are rich source of zinc which is good for inevitable and dry hair. You can also get the needed daily dose of zinc  by consuming fortified cereals and grain breads.

4. Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are indeed a great source of the antioxidant beta carotene. The organism transforms this antioxidant into vitamin A which is fundamental for the functioning of the whole body, including the scalp and hair.


5. There is a wise old saying: Your day should not start without eggs for breakfast. The eggs are very important for a healthy hair, because they are the best source of proteins and also contain four key minerals: zinc, selenium, sulfur and iron, which are important for great functioning of your whole body and for lighting and hair growth.

6. Popeye loves spinach so why shouldn’t you!? Spinach is full with iron, beta carotene, folic acid and vitamin C which are good for keeping the hair follicles healthy.

7. Lentils. They are small but overflowing with protein, iron, zinc and biotin which are minerals who are very effective in keeping the hair healthy.The-best-10-foods-for-a-healthy-hair-3

8. The Greek yogurt has a plenty of hair-friendly protein as well as with vitamin B5 and vitamin D. Consuming yogurt is a one way ticket to a healthy hair.

9. The exotic blueberries, even though, we put them on the ninth spot on our list, but they are leaders of all healthy food rich with vitamin C. This vitamin helps you keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

10. Last but not least, the chicken meat. It is very rich with protein as well as with zinc, iron and vitamin B which contribute to healthier hair.