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Stray Ginger Cat With One Nostril Gets Rescued and Lives a Happy Life With Other Odd Cats

Meet Toast! She’s a ginger cat and probably one of the most unique cats you’ve ever seen! What’s unique about the ginger is that this gorgeous feline has only one nostril.

Tara Key, the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts, was contacted in earlier December about a cat that needed rescuing. A local shelter contacted Tara and asked if her sanctuary can rescue a kitten with one nostril. Tara immediately agreed to take the poor cat.

The sweet, ginger cat also had a chromosome abnormality. Her eyes go in different directions and she also sniffs loud. The ginger also got the most unique name-Toast. Toast maybe different, bit she’s just like other cars. She loves to purr, loves chin rubs and she’s curious with big personality.

“She purrs the instant you pet her, and she head-butts and just wants to be loved. She is so tiny weighing about five pounds. She bobs her head from side to side when she concentrates on something. It’s adorable. She is just like any other cat, super curious and loves chin scratches,” explains Tara.

Although Toast is born with an extra chromosome, she never lets that hold her back. Toast is now a resident at The Odd Cat Sanctuary, where she’ll get life-long care.

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