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“Still-A-Frog”: Your Go-To Podcast for Riveting Romance and Relatable Tales

Dive into the world of heartfelt and amusing romantic tales with the exceptional storytelling of the “Still-A-Frog” podcast. Unlike any other, this podcast presents 8–10-minute memoir shorts that are transformed into captivating ten-minute plays or monologues. Narrated and skillfully delivered by professional voice actors, Tom Nowicki film and TV actor, with credits such as The Blind Side, Remember the Titans and Paranormal Activity- Next of Kin to name a few.

Voice -over actress Erin Beute is an award-winning SAG-AFTRA actor and screenwriter. Her short film, BIRD’S EYE has won 15 film festival awards and 5 nominations – including two Best Actress, and Best Short Film.

These stories promise an emotional rollercoaster ride – from laughter to tears – making you exclaim, “OMG, I can’t believe someone else went through that too!”

Think of Still-A-Frog as the Hallmark Channel meets the romance of Bridgerton.

Still-A-Frog podcast

What distinguishes “Still-A-Frog” from other podcasts in its genre is its unique approach. Firstly, it’s the perfect length of its tales. Secondly, it’s the distinctive humor that infuses many of its pieces. balancing the elegance of shows like Frasier with the witty sarcasm reminiscent of Office Space, this podcast remains focused on narratives centered around women.

Episodes of “Still-A-Frog” don’t adhere to a fixed formula. From romantic fairytales to snippets of couples in therapy, contemplative stories of lost loves to uproarious monologues recounting the adventures of a woman buying condoms at Walmart, each episode is an unpredictable delight.

One standout episode you won’t want to miss is “Calgon Take Me Away,” a touching yet hilariously portrayed storyline featuring a couple whose tale strikes a chord.

The podcast explores a wide spectrum of women’s experiences in relationships – be it marriage, dating, online romance, divorce, or the challenges of motherhood. “Still-A-Frog” fearlessly delves into these relatable topics, aiming not just to entertain but to create a community where women find solace in shared experiences.

From its inception, the podcast has evolved significantly. Initially fueled by founder Tom Watson’s writing and personal dating experiences, the inclusion of a female contributor injected a nuanced and slightly cynical perspective on love and relationships. Collaborative efforts in writing and editing have shaped the podcast’s evolving narrative.

While addressing challenges or controversies related to its themes, “Still-A-Frog” maintains a lighter approach, often catering to women over 40.

Looking ahead, the podcast aims to venture into larger ensemble pieces, reflecting the playwright’s inclination towards multifaceted storytelling.

Still -A -Frog” isn’t merely entertainment; it’s a sanctuary where women resonate with each other’s stories, it’s a podcast that provides a momentary escape from life’s routines, allowing its audience to laugh, cry, and empathize, ultimately fostering a sense of connection through shared experiences,” stated Watson.

 This is a podcast you will want to tune into each and every day!

You can listen to the entertaining episodes of Still- A- Frog at: https://www.still-a-frog.com/